Planning a Kitchen

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Planning a Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Families often gather there in the evenings, and it becomes the hub of the action during the holidays. To create a kitchen that welcomes people, consumers need a design that maximises their space. Planning a kitchen requires a design that suits the space available and uses materials and colours that complement the home. To build a dream kitchen, homeowners must choose the proper layout, materials, appliances, and fixtures to meet all their needs.


Choosing a kitchen layout

One of the most important parts of planning a kitchen is choosing a layout. In general, there are four basic layouts, each based on the amount of space available. Many homeowners like to base their layout on the idea of the "kitchen triangle", which is the flow between frequently used work areas such as the refrigerator, stove, and sink. Keeping the distance between these areas relatively small makes it easier for cooks to get their job done. Some of the most widely used kitchen layouts include:

  • L-shaped kitchens that include room for a dining table in the design
  • Straight-line kitchens that work best for small spaces
  • U-shaped kitchens, which offer the most space
  • Galley kitchens that offer an open plan with two opposing workspaces

To determine the best layout, consumers need to measure the space they have available and decide which plan works best for them.


Choosing kitchen materials

After deciding on a layout, the next step is to choose materials to build the kitchen. Cabinets and countertops factor into the aesthetics of the overall design. The bulk of this decision comes down to personal preference, as many cabinets and countertops easily configure to fit multiple designs.

Kitchen cabinets

Consumers have multiple options for cabinet design. The first step involves choosing base cabinets and customising them with drawers and shelves that fit the kitchen design. Pantry cabinets are typically tall with many shelves, while cabinets that hold glassware and dishes need fewer shelves. Homeowners can choose different finishes, such as wood, glass, or painted designs.

Kitchen counters

Kitchen countertops come in many different materials. Quartz and marble countertops clean up easily and come in a variety of designs and colours. Limestone offers neutral choices, while butcher-block countertops provide a clean look. Laminate countertops provide a less expensive option that still provides a wide range of designs from which to choose.


Choosing kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances complete the design, with ranges, ovens, microwaves, cooktops, and dishwashers helping kitchen cooks take care of necessary tasks. It is best to match the appliances to the rest of the kitchen design so that everything blends seamlessly. Consumers have a wide range of choices for finishes and styles. Stainless steel and black appliances provide a contemporary look, while white appliances blend well with multiple designs. Double ovens offer cooks the ability to cook multiple dishes at once, while separate cooktops allow owners to maximise space.


Choosing the finishing touches

Fixtures such as lighting and hardware put the finishing touches on any kitchen design. From classic to modern, choices abound. Consumers need to use the final pieces to complete their vision for the space. Retro-style items create a vintage look, while glossy finishes create a contemporary vibe.

Kitchen lighting

Different types of kitchen lighting serve different purposes. Task lighting brightens the workspace over frequently used countertops, ovens, and inside pantries to make food prep easier. This includes recessed lighting in ceilings. Accent and decorative lighting help create a mood in the kitchen and often include pendant lights, track lights, and chandeliers.

Kitchen hardware

Installing new kitchen hardware is an easy way to update the look of the overall space. Consumers need to choose the shape and finish of the hardware that matches their space. Thin pulls in brushed nickel finishes have a modern look, while round knobs in bronze feel more traditional. For a rustic, country look, consumers can choose knobs and pulls with a hammered finish while glass knobs have an old-fashioned feel.


How to buy kitchen materials on eBay

When you want to build the kitchen of your dreams, it is important to pay attention to detail. You can find all the materials you need to get started on eBay. To search the huge inventory offered by reliable sellers, type a description of the item you want into the search bar. A search for "kitchen hardware" gives you a large amount of products to consider. Narrow your search based on the type of material you want to use, or look for a specific colour or brand.

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