Plants you buy and plant that die.

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This is a general note for buyers.

It has become a bit of a status quo that all things sold on ebay, if the buyer is unhappy, the seller should refund or replace.


If you go to a nursery, buy a plant, take it home and plant it and it does not survive, you cannot take it back to the nursery for a refund.

I have been buying plants from all sources for decades and only the major rose nurseries offer a 3 month money back if it doesn't grow. Iris nurseries, if rotted on arrival and Garden Express (the biggest mail order nursery) a 100% on bulbs.

I have NEVER recieved a guarantee nor a replacement for death on any other plants.

I buy plants from ebay and there have been lots that haven't made it, it's not the sellers fault.

Plants are living things and therefore can be very hit and miss depending on soil conditions, climate and position. All of this is OUT OF THE SELLERS CONTROL.

So please, a little common sense. If it looks dead or really pathetic then notify the seller immediately. A month later is too late.

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