Plastic Note with Red/Purple Writing

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I had the opportunity to aquire a 10 Dollar plastic note, change received approximately 4 years ago.The strangest thing about this note, actually has a date on it, which was the first thing that caught my eye.

Both the date and serial numbers are in Red writing. The Date 1 November 1993, I often wonder how this has occurred, I have looked around the web sites, asked Coin Dealers and this can not be answered as to the origin of the note.  I had a friend who confirmed this is not obvious counterfeit money, as the window looks identical to any other notes, the pictures and signatures the same, coloring perfect as new, but this does not mean of course that it is not counterfeit.

After having this on the site I had received some feedback from a very nice person with whom I shall say THANK YOU through this guide, as I said I have had obsolutely no idea in regards to information on this before, now at least I have something to go by.

The $10 note to is part of a 'first and last folder' issue. Usually it is seen with a papernote in the folder. Although not worth much on its own, if paired with the original papernote, in the folder the pair would retail for a higher price (with a black date), or less valuable (with a purple date).

Of course looking at the note more carefully, to say its purple the advise given probably more correct, being someone that knows very little about these things, myself, so I will leave the Red and just thought adding the purple next to it, because thats what I was asking about

Red Writing, Date 1 November 1993, right hand side next to 0.


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