Poker Etiquette - The Do's and Dont's of poker play.

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Poker players generally adhere to an etiquette that makes the game managable and more pleasant for all players.

The Do's and Dont's of poker are:

  • Don't Swear.  Keep it clean and keep it to yourself.  Sure hands can be frustrating BUT keep it to yourself.
  • Act In Turn.  Bet when its your turn.  everyone in the game needs to be aware od whose turn it is.  Acting out of turn can cause others in the game to make informed decisions by your actions out of turn.  Keep awake and aware.
  • Splashing The Pot.  Throwing your chips into the pot from a distance is messy and out of order.  Don't do it.  Place your chips into the pot as a call or raise.  Place or push them in carefully.
  • Chatting Up The Cards.  Discussing what is showing, what the options are, or what players are likely holding is a big NO NO.  Let everyone play their hand in peace.  Anything you say could impact on a players decision and that is for them to make.
  • Call Or Raise.  If you are going to raise then say "raise" and work out your bet.  If you say "call" then you are just calling.  Don'tsay call and raise as this can upset some players especially if there is a pause betweem words.

If you follow these simple rules it will make the game more enjoyable for all.

Why not print these rules out and let all players read them before you start your tourney.

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