Polarised vs. Mirrored Lenses for Women

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There is some debate over which type of sunglasses are best and whether women should buy  polarised  or  mirrored lenses . However, it is not always necessary to choose one or the other. Mirror coating and polarisation are indeed two separate processes, but they can be done separately or combined in a single lens.

Each lens type has advantages and disadvantages. Polarised lenses block certain types of light waves, while mirrored lenses can reduce overall light levels. This means that the choice of which type of lenses to buy depends partly on when and where the sunglasses are worn and the requirements of the wearer. Women can buy a pair of sunglasses with polarised or mirrored lenses from eyewear stores, department stores, and online from  eBay .

Types of Lenses for Sunglasses for Women

Mirrored  and  polarised  are two popular types of lenses for sunglasses. They are stylish and also have a practical function. However, there is often a limit to the shape of the sunglasses that can have these effects due to the way the lenses work. For example, mirrored lenses manipulate light in a certain way, which means that they can only be used for particular styles. Mirrored lenses are the only reflective types available.

Mirrored Lenses for Women

Mirrored lenses have a reflective coating applied to the surface. These lenses function similarly to ordinary one way mirrors. They let light pass in one direction, but reflect it from the other. Mirrored lenses are very similar to tinted lenses as they reduce the overall light level, rather than simply reduce glare and other bright points.

Mirrored lenses are available in a variety of colours. The colours are not related to the tinting of the lens material, instead the lenses can be a completely different colour from the mirrored surface. This allows for a greater variety of styles of sunglasses. For example, it is possible to have rainbow lenses with blue tinting; many combinations are possible.

Polarised Lenses for Women

Polarisation is a method used to prevent light from passing through lenses. Light travels in a wave pattern through space. This pattern follows specific directions and can rotate. It can also be deflected, which is the principle behind polarised lenses. The light hits the polarised surface of the lens and bounces off. The lens only allows light waves of the right polarisation to pass through. A rotated polarised lens creates a darker and clearer viewing area. Light from the sun tends to travel in the same plane, while light reflecting off surfaces is usually rotated. This is why polarised sunglasses are good at blocking glare.

Alternative Lenses for Sunglasses

Sunglasses make use of a variety of other methods to block the sun's rays. For example, there are several alternatives to polarisation.  Gradient lenses  make use of standard tinted lenses. They have a darker tint towards the top and are nearly clear at the bottom. This helps to block out the sun, while allowing the ground to remain visible. Similarly,  shutter shades  also block out the sun by using simple shutters that directly block the light. These were more popular during the 1980s, and are primarily used today for novelty sunglasses.  Tinted lenses  are another type that goes in and out of fashion.

Features of Polarised and Mirrored Sunglasses

There are two main practical differences between mirrored and polarised sunglasses. Mirrored lenses reduce the overall light level. They are particularly useful for women that have sensitive eyes and need the general intensity of light to be decreased. Polarised lenses reduce glare and directional lighting. They are useful in cold conditions and prevent snow blindness. The light reflecting off the snow travels at a different angle to the light from the sun, so polarised lenses diminish the glare, while still enabling the wearer to see clearly.

In additional, polarised lenses can be customised more easily. Sunglasses using these lenses can be designed to block only sunlight, but allow ground light to be seen more easily. However, polarised sunglasses tend to be more expensive.

Prescription Polarised and Mirrored Lenses

Polarised lenses can be prescribed by a doctor for certain medical conditions. This is because polarisation blocks glare and can reduce eyestrain. The lenses can be used to prevent a problem with vision getting worse. Prescription polarised sunglasses are much more expensive than ordinary polarised sunglasses. Therefore, they should be used only if necessary because standard, off the shelf products have the same effect. Both mirrored and polarised lenses can be used together in prescription sunglasses.

If sunglasses need to be worn because of a medical condition, wearers should ensure that all of the effects of wearing the glasses both indoors and outdoor have been considered. Polarised lenses can also block unexpected light sources. One of the common problems is being unable to read LEDs. When provided with prescription sunglasses, wearers should check whether then are any issues caused by the polarised or mirrored effects and, if so, consider altering the lenses until they provide the appropriate level of vision, while still protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of strong light or glare.

Women have many reasons to buy sunglasses, including protecting their eyes from sunlight damage and aesthetics. When considering eye safety, buyers should look for the highest level of UV protection. When it comes to aesthetics, there are lots of styles of polarised and mirrored sunglasses to choose from, some inspired by popular culture, such as the  Trinity sunglasses  worn in "The Matrix",  cat eye sunglasses  inspired by Marilyn Monroe, or  classic aviator sunglasses . The final decision of which type to choose is purely a personal one based on which style suits the look that the wearer is trying to achieve and the conditions that the sunglasses are worn in.

How to Buy Polarised or Mirrored Lenses for Women on eBay

You can find lots of affordable, high quality women's sunglasses on  eBay . There are a wide variety of styles and lens types, including polarised and mirrored lenses.  Use the search engine  to find the ideal eyewear. Enter chosen keywords, such as the type of lenses and a brand name of sunglasses, for example, " polarised Ray Bans ". Another option is to check for these accessories in the  eBay Deals  section. This section of the website is filled with products available at extra discounts or other great offers, including free delivery.

When you find the perfect pair of sunglasses with polarised or mirrored lenses, read the item description carefully. Look at any photos and check the seller's rating to confirm that he or she is a reliable member of the eBay community that provides excellent products and customer service.


Before choosing between polarised and mirrored lenses, understand the differences between the types. Polarised lenses reduce glare, while mirrored lenses reduce the overall light level. This means that the best type of sunglasses to choose depends largely on when they are worn. Many people keep multiple pairs to balance form and function.

Sometimes, the most stylish sunglasses might not be the best at blocking out bright light. If the sunglasses are to be worn in a range of environments, consider combining polarised and mirrored effects for the lenses. The two effects can be useful for women that require eye protection due to a medical condition. When ready to purchase a pair of sunglasses, eBay is a great place to find a wide choice of polarised and mirrored lenses at competitive prices.
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