Pole Dancing and making a women feel sexy again!

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The art form of pole dancing goes back along way and today it is more recognised for sporting and fitness but most important making a women look and feel sexy.

Many women after they have children and get back into shape still have a complex with themselves due to changes to their body from child bearing and I think that Pole Dancing brings back this confident sexy women that once was.

The intrigued look on a mans face when a women wraps herself around that pole and performs manouvres that  fasinate the mind and awaken the sensual energy within. The animal inside a women the natural instint to be the queen of her domain and rule the empire.

Power of a suductive women is the key to a great sex life and personally it keeps your man from straying and just cause your in mummy mode does not mean you can't be that once was sexy seductive animal of the bedroom.

So try pole dancing it really is an art form and will spice your life up again so don't miss out on your chance to say hello to again!

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