Pop Up Travel Bassinet Set Up

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  • Remove the canopy and the bassinet from the carry bag.
  • Be careful because the bassinet and canopy can spring open.
  • Insert the strut into the strut sleeve on the canopy.
  • insert the strut into the strut sleeve on the bassinet.
  • Secure the canopy to the bassinet by using the 8 toggles.
  • Ensure all toggles are secured for full stability.
  • Place the mattress into the bassinet.
  • Use the mosquito net to protect your baby from insects.
  • The net can fully or partially cover the front of the bassinet and can fold away in the integrated pocket,
  • Zip up the mosquito net.
  • Take out the mattress and fold up up into the carry bag.
  • Undo the 8 toggles to separate the canopy from the bassinet
  • Remove the strut from the canopy sleeve and the bassinet sleeve and place into the carry bag.
  • Lie the canopy flat (with your left palm facing towards you, and your right palm facing away from you).
  • Twist slowly bringing your right hand  towards you and your left hand away from you.
  • Allow the canopy to fold itself  to form 3 loops, and place inside of the carry bag.
  •  Repeat the process with the bassinet. and place inside of the carry bag.

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