Portable DVDs; Are They Any Good? And Where To Use Them

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Portable DVDs; Are They Any Good? And Where To Use Them

I have 2 portable DVDs myself, and i think that it's a great product for the holidays.

We Always Go With Caravan On Holiday, and you have to watch out alot on weight then.

Buying a satellite TV that's cool & all, but it is alot off weight & it's a bit difficult & takes long to setup.

With a portable DVD it's mutch easier & nicer & lightweight.

The Only Downside is the small TV-screen.

But When Your portable DVD has a TV-out, then you can hook up a cheap LCD monitor to it and it's very comfortable then to watch a couple off movies in the evenings.

What You Should Watch Out For Is This:

What Output Lines Does it Have? TV or VIDEO - out? Audio - out?

What Input Lines Does it Have? TV or VIDEO - in? Audio - in?

If you have kids or go with multiple persons by car for a long time ( we always drive 2 or 3 days with caravan to holidaydestination ) Ask How it can be installed in your car.

Some Suppliers Give very nice & easy setup in car like with straps hooked up to the carseat & all

Be sure your sigaretlighter of your car is working.

If your going to the beach on holidayresort alot or if you do not have electricity, then ask if they have batteries for your portable DVD.

They exist as well.

However they usually don't last that long, coz off alot off power it requires.

When Your taking your portable DVD to the beach or somewhere where there's no electricity, then try to use the TV screen not that mutch, but instead listen to a nice MP3 audio CD that should be played on it as well.

Batteries usually last 3 or 4 hours when not using TV screen, when using TV screen, then devide that time by 2, so 1.5 hours maximum.

In my opinion portable DVD players are VERY good products for holidays if you are not going to a hotel, if you are going to a hotel, then you might wanna take it with you if you expect that nothing is on tv, probably you would have a cheap TV then & then you can use the TV ( VIDEO ) - out line on your hotel TV.

Be Sure To Buy From a Seller Who Packs It Well, coz it is a fragile item ofcourse

Hope This Guide Has Been Of Some Help To You On Deciding Whether Or Not To Buy a Portable DVD.

Have a nice day/evening :)

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