Portable Jacuzzi Spa Buying Guide

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Portable Jacuzzi Spa Buying Guide

Who doesn’t enjoy the relaxation and luxurious feeling of sitting in a Jacuzzi? Jacuzzi’s can be quite expensive and sometimes it is impossible to install a permanent Jacuzzi in the home or the garden. However, there is a solution to this as there are portable Jacuzzi’s available on eBay.

These Jacuzzi’s are extremely popular as they come in a wide variety of sizes and types and require minimal installation. There are a few types of portable Jacuzzi available with varying features so it may take a while to find the perfect one for you.

All of the portable Jacuzzi’s mentioned in this guide are available to buy and bid on in the Home & Garden: Outdoor Living section on eBay.

What to Consider when Buying a Portable Jacuzzi Spa on eBay

When Choosing a Portable Jacuzzi there are a few factors you need to take into consideration before searching the Outdoor Living section on eBay. Some of the key considerations are:


Be sure to find out how many people the portable Jacuzzi is meant to hold. Normally, portable Jacuzzi’s are smaller than their permanent counterparts. The majority of portable Jacuzzis are designed for two people; however there are some available that can accommodate six people. Many come with raised seats so children can enjoy the hot tub as well without lowering the amount of water. Before buying, measure the area in which you want the Jacuzzi to be and correlate this with the specifications on the eBay listing. It is also important to consider how much room people will have to get in and out of the Jacuzzi as well.

Safety Features

Some portable Jacuzzis will come with special safety features such as no-skid seating and flooring which allow the user to easily grip to the floor without slipping and also avoid slipping while sitting in the seat. There are also safety steps available to help with getting in and out of the Jacuzzi. All portable Jacuzzis will have a maximum heat so there is no chance or burning your skin with hot water. Most Jacuzzi’s will come with a filtration system as well to keep the water as clean as possible during and after use.

Jacuzzi Jets

The number of jets needed is completely down to personal preference and can range from one jet to four or five jets. The number of jets will usually be in line with the size of the Jacuzzi and how many people the tub is designed to hold. Some Jacuzzis will allow you to vary the pressure of the jets.

Jacuzzi Cover

Most portable Jacuzzi’s will come with a cover, but some will not so it is important to check this before buying. It is definitely a wise idea to have a cover for the tub as it will keep a whole manner of things out of it whilst not being used like bugs and debris as well as stopping children from jumping in when they please. The cover stops debris, therefore saving the filtration system from breaking when it can be avoided.

Cleaning of the Jacuzzi

Some Jacuzzi’s come with filtration systems which will mean minimum cleaning but it is important to determine what needs to be done to clean the tub before buying. Every portable Jacuzzi will need to be scrubbed and cleaned sometimes. It is a good idea to ask the seller about the cleaning of the product and what cleaning products should be used as this can vary from Jacuzzi to Jacuzzi.

Portable Jacuzzi Materials

Most portable Jacuzzis are inflatable and made of thick vinyl or something very similar. Because of the nature of vinyl; portable Jacuzzis cannot hold foam based insulation, which can help to regulate the temperature. However, you will still get a decent temperature without this.

Portable Jacuzzi Features

Some of the pricier Jacuzzis will have digital controls to control the speed, pressure and heat of the jets and water. However these can be more expensive to fix should anything go wrong with them so if you wish to avoid costly repairs it might be worth finding out where to get replacement models to bring the cost down. Most portable Jacuzzi’s will have a small panel where the controls are situated and some will have manual dials so if the digital controls are hard to use or aren’t working, you have a backup plan.


Portable Jacuzzi’s are meant for smaller budgets, so it is possible to find a Jacuzzi that suits your needs at an affordable price. It is a good idea to set a budget of how much you are willing to spend on the portable Jacuzzi and take accessories like covers and filtering systems and shipping costs into consideration before buying. It is possible to get a great deal buy bidding on portable Jacuzzi’s if you look hard enough and keep a keen eye on interesting listings.

How to Buy a Portable Jacuzzi Spa on eBay

There is a large range of portable Jacuzzi’s available on eBay. Type ‘portable Jacuzzi’ into the search bar at the top of all eBay pages and a search results page of portable Jacuzzi’s will appear. It is possible to buy these items in the following ways:

· Bidding- Just like buying at a real auction, bid for portable Jacuzzi’s with your best offer for that item.

· ‘Buy it Now’- To save time, find the portable Jacuzzi you are interested in and buy it at a ‘Buy it Now’ price. This saves the hassle of having to keep watching bids and the item can be shipped much quicker.

Listings can be filtered by using the advanced search results page. Results can be narrowed down by “Any of these words," "All of these words," or "Exact phrase." Search in “All Categories” to start a search as well.

Be sure to always check the seller’s feedback rating as this is a great way of telling how trustworthy the seller is and that they are someone that people have been able to do business with. Check how many transactions they have undertaken and always ask the seller questions about the item if there is anything that needs clearing up.

You can find the latest deals on portable Jacuzzi’s by checking in the ‘Home and Lifestyle’ section. Some additional discounts can easily be found, along with free postage costs. Fantastic deals are added to the deals page every day in all categories so be sure to visit regularly so you don’t miss out on a bargain.


Portable Jacuzzi’s are fantastic for anyone who wants the luxury of having a nice relaxing time in the back garden without the hassle of renovating and spending lots of money on a permanently installed Jacuzzi. It is important to consider the points made in this guide like measuring the size of the area the Jacuzzi will be placed, what safety features are needed if any and whether the portable Jacuzzi comes with a cover or not. A large number of portable Jacuzzi’s are ready to buy and bid on right now. Click on the Home and Garden category on the eBay homepage and take a look at the Outdoor Living section to start searching for your perfect portable Jacuzzi.

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