Portable Water Alkalizer Ionizer Purifier Drink Flask

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A water alkalizer / ionizer flask is a bottle that has a filter that is built into the flask to ionize, hydrogenate, alkalize and purify the water.  It is a handy portable flask that is so simple to use and is so beneficial to your health and vitality! It is very important for good health to have the righ pH, a body that is to acid or too alkaline can cause a whole lot of health problems.  Very simple to use and very effective!

The bottle is made of 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel and has a water alkalizer and purifier inside and comes with a handy carry bag and pH Test Strips that you can use to help determine your pH of your body.

Very healthy and the water also tastes fantastic!

Water Ionizer Flask Specifications:

The values below will vary based on your water source and processing time allowed.

  • Dissolved hydrogen: 0.4 to 1.5 ppm
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): -50mV to 250mV
  • pH: approx 7.5 to 9.0
  • Magnesium (99.9% pure) in natural stone within an ultra-fine porous PP resin
  • Usable with tap or filtered water (though recommend filtered water)

What Materials are Inside the Filter?

  1. Water Soluble Calcium Carbonate Ore (Calcium content: 95.75%): produced in the Futamata Hot Spring, Hokkaido, Japan. Absorption and decomposition of toxic substances.
  2. Specifically Manufactured Tourmaline Ceramics from Brazil: genergates electrolysis, producing negative ions and far infrared rays.  It provides antibacterial properties, increasing dissolved oxygen and ionizes water molecules by decreasing thier size (micro-clustering).
  3. Coral Fossil (weathered coral): mined in Hokkaido, Japan from a 20 million year old seabed layer which has been uplifted to ground level.  It emits 25% of the mineral contents in water, making it milder.
  4. Binchotan Charcoal: with the same absorption abilities as activated charcoal, it absorbs chlorine, heavy metals and impurities, emits far infrared rays while making the water cleaner, safer and better tasting.
  5. Maifanshi Stone: it releases mineral contents and activates water to decompose impurities.  It was approved in Japan as a food additive in 1976. Superior sterilization effects.
  6. De-chlorinating Ceramics: it quickly decomposes and removes chlorine and other unpleasant odors of chlorinated water.

Directions for Using Your Water Flask:

Fill your flask with water then give it a shake and let it sit for approx 8 minutes, you will now have beautiful alkaline water ready to drink! Very simple, very healthy!

Invest in your Health and Vitality by using an Alkalizer / Ionizer / Hydrogen Water Flask!

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