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As of lately I have only been offering local pick up on the items I have been selling. Mainly because of the terrible experiences I have had with 'undelivered' items...including a $300 pram (not sold on ebay though)!!!
It hits you quite hard when something like this happens, it makes you think the worst of everyone involved. Not the post office of course, but then again...I am still waiting for a parcel from my mother who lives in Europe to arrive.
I think she sent it in November last year???
The biggest problem I think I have had though are people who claim that they never received their can you do that to someone? So, that is why it is important to save any documentation (see below for tips) that you can from the post office as proof that you posted the item!

Anyway, the reason for this guide is to lay it out simple with a few tips and tricks:

- Don't offer to post items if you don't feel comfortable doing so, note: this will affect the amount of bids you get though.

- Buy the postage bags at the post office and ask for a receipt. (don't worry about the cost, that's a handling charge)

- Write a little note with the name of the buyer, the items of the parcel and seal it at the post office in front of a customer service officer.

- Don't forget to ask them to stamp your note for you, thus confirming what you have in the parcel and you getting the date on your note with the post office details on it (yeah!)

I hope these tips and/or tricks can help out someone who has ever encountered this problem. However, don't forget the greatest tool we as sellers do have, and that is registered post. And that now happens to be the ONLY postage that I offer.
If someone who bids on or buys something can't afford the extra $2.70 for your piece of mind, then I don't think they should be buying from you at all.

Most of the wonderful ebayers I have dealt with lately have all understood my concerns and they have all happily paid the little 'piece of mind insurance'.

Sometimes I think it even makes it easy on us as know that our items actually where sent.

See, it works both ways.

// Cherie

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