Postage Calculator

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I think the Ozish and Postarius and Pride75 (mine) postage calculators are ALL great, cause the buyer stays right there in the listing to get a buying cost. And the competition seems to be helping - we all seem to be winning - but come on postarius, get in the game.

If the CATEGORY of in auction postage calculators is lifted and promoted WE WILL ALL WIN!!!

When Pepsi came out, coke sales went through the roof - people became more cola conscious. let's not let greed get in the way of common sense! Let's blog and blag about html postage calculators they are genuinely all very useful, and I want all of us to do well! we should all be taking 10grand a month of of these products, lets talk about it, get it out there. Competition is so healthy guys, f*ck win lose let's go the win win solution!!!

-acalculated risk, CEO pride75

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