Postage Costs & No Pickups

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I'm writing this guide because i've been searching through ebay looking at items to purchase, as an example im going to use a small item such as a pair of earrings i was interested in. They looked fantastic. Really drew me in. Until i saw the postage cost and nearly flipped out. $19.00 postage REGULAR for a pair of earrings. Now either they are sent in gold platted packaging via a red carpet or the seller is actually trying to make more dosh out of charging excessive prices for postage. Now yes i have kept in mind the fact that in this price they have probably included materials to package the item and also for their time to go and send the item off, BUT $19.00 is more than what some people earn in an hour at an average paying job! It is insane. And it's happening all over ebay. People charging excessive amounts for postage. A friend of mine works at Australia Post and also couldn't believe the amount some people charge for postage.

So this guide is for all those people buying items out there, watch out for excessive silly over charged postage fees as its more than likely going into the buyers pocket than in postal fees. If you look at it this way its nearly works out cheaper to actually buy the item from your local department store than to buy the item and pay high postal fee's! Just weigh out the pro's and con's before you bid, check the local department store specials before your committ to giving up your hard earned cash.

But also I want to add why is it that most big sellers on ebay don't allow pickup? You will find that alot of big seller's on ebay who are selling new in box cheap gadgets with huge postage fee's actually buy there cheap wholesale items from sites like dealsdirect or oo which offer pretty much anybody and everybody cheap discounted products that sell like hotcakes on ebay with very LOW prices, and you will find that the items can't be picked up that your bidding on because the seller isn't exactly sending you the item they are just being the middle man and reaping all the benefits. Its a quick way to make money. But leaves people like you and me feeling a little ickish when we fork out the unneccassiry postage costs.

Just think things through, be a bit more aware before you click that "submit bid" button

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