Postage Costs Too High Or Just Right ?

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Like if this Guide is helpful
The purpose of this guide is to assist purchasers and buyers on Ebay who, like everyone else is looking for the right bargain.

I like you, am not only an Ebay Seller, but also from time to time a buyer as well. I look at many listings on Ebay, but I do my research first.

Some of the positive aspects
So what exactly do I look for in an items postage ? Several things I look for;

1. What exactly is the postage cost.
2. What charges are applicable if an item is coming from interstate/overseas ?
3. What is the weight and/or dimensions of the purchasable product ?

I am happy to pay a certain amount for postage that is a reasonable charge.

For example - I sell DVDs, I charge for Regular Postage AU$4.00. This is a cost of a B2 tough bag form Australia Post, a $1.45 stamp and a small handling fee. It's a couple of dollars more for Registered and Express postage.

If I sell a package of multiple DVD's it costs anywhere from AU$5.00 or more (depends on weight and dimensions) plus an additional handling fee.

Some listings I also, on occasion, offer FREE postage.

I have never had a single customer complain to me about postage, not one.

Some of the negative aspects
Some postage costs I have seen for some items, for example,

A brand new DVD available in Australia, general postage $8.00. No, nada, not a chance, I would rather buy from Kmart.

A used Playstation 2 game as a buy it now item, $2.00, general postage $12.50, WTF? Are you insane? Hey we all want to make some money, but I ain't going to buy from you if you want to rip me off. Hasta La Vista onto the next listing with better postage.

Checking a sellers feedback. I have come across some sellers and all of the negative/neutral feedback has been complaints about one point, exhorbitant and very high postage.

My Final Point,

Check a sellers item, and double check the postage cost. If a Seller doesn't have postage listed, email them, the reputable ones will email you back. Don't Get Ripped Off.

Thanks for reading.
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