Postage Freight Costs

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From time to time I am asked to explain the price of my freight costs. I am of course very happy to explain this as I want all my prospective and current customers to understand what it is they are paying for in the freight component of their purchase from Aussiepetstuff. Firstly the majority of my crates are outside the size restriction for posting under normal circumstances. What I mean by that is unless you have managed to obtain a contract from Australia Post, you would not be allowed to post my Large and upwards sized crates. It has taken me a long time and much hard work to gain this special permission. It is very costly posting larger than normal sizes and they cannot be calculated via the Aust Post website as only up to the normal cut off sizes are displayed. Posting any item that can be measured, ie has straight edges, must be calculated by cubic weight if that calculates out to more than the actual weight. All my crates calculate out more in cubic weight rather than actual weight. My crates cube out very high as they are very big when packed into their carton.

Please note: ebay recommends all sellers charge for any costs related to the shipping process. As with all sellers on ebay, I do not cover for loss or damage that occurs during the transit process. So, with this in mind, I use shrink film plastic to wrap every single crate that I sell. Depending on the location and the size of the crate, it can be up to 50 metres of plastic wrap. This is in efforts to ensure a safe and undamaged arrival of your crate. I am unaware of any other crate seller providing this protection. I am of the belief that as a buyer you would prefer to pay a few more dollars to assist with the safe arrival of your purchase, rather than having it get damaged, and it becoming worthless or in need of repair. You have spent hard earned, good money on your crate. There is also labels, tape, driving to the post office and similar costs incurred when posting crates. Each crate that I sell is set up, checked over thoroughly, repacked, wrapped and then labelled. This process takes 50-60 minutes per crate. I do not charge for my time. My listed postage amounts are calculated out to cover what I spend on posting your crates, no more. I am not making money on postage fees as this would be a terrible injustice to buyers. In fact on some sales, depending on the destination, I even lose a few dollars, but it all balances out. I understand that as a buyer it may be difficult to come to terms with paying a few dollars more than the exact postage cost, ie to cover all related postage costs. But as a seller I can asure you that if I charged purely for postage alone, I would be out of business as all the extra postage costs would have made my business fail. I am always happy to combine postage costs for multiple items purchased when and where possible as listed in my ads. Most items available for sale on ebay, including mine, are sold at absolute bargain prices. All my crates are much cheaper through ebay, than if purchased through my website. We sellers, sell at very low margins, and can only do so if the buyers wear the related postage costs. I hope this information sheds a light on how postage costs are calculated and what the costs include.

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