Postage Guidelines For Fragrances

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It is highly illegal to send perfumes via normal or express mail.

I began selling perfumes last year in November, 2005.  In January, 2006 I was informed that it was illegal to send perfumes via normal or express mail within Australia and Outside of Australia.  I also discovered that it was illegal to buy from other countries and for the seller in another country to send items to us here.

The only fragrances that are allowed to be sent in the mail are Summer fragrances, these are water based perfumes which are not flammable.  It is also perfectly legal to send body lotions in the mail.

Anyone who is offering to send you fragrances via normal or express mail is breaking the law.  All buyers should keep this in mind when they are purchasing fragrances/perfumes on ebay or anywhere else online as if these items break in transit you will have no insurance to cover your purchase even if you have paid for the item to be sent via express which has its own small insurance for parcel.  Express post means that there is every possibility that these items will make it into a plane and be flown across the country.  They are marked as flammable for good reason.  Perfume fires need to be treated in a certain type of way and should a parcel not be marked correctly could turn an innocent fire into an inferno.

This could have easily been a guide about Eau De Toilette Sprays and Eau De Parfum but enough guides have been written about this subject.  This guide has been written to inform buyers of the illegal sending of fragrances within our own country and outside our country.

Perfumes are a class 3 Flammable Good.  Please ask at your Local Post Office for their own guides on sending flammable items in the mail, you will find that what I have written is correct.

I strongly suggest that each buyer look at each listing carefully to make sure that the items are being sent with Dangerous Goods Contracts and the safer use of e-parcel.  E-parcel allows sellers to track and trace each parcel, and by using the Dangerous Goods Contract we are abiding by the law and sending these items in accordance with Australia Posts own guidelines.

We are not allowed to send our items out of Australia and by doing so and offering this service sellers are breaking the law.

I realise that there are alot of sellers in the fragrance category that will read this guide and not be happy with what I have written, this was not written for sellers as you are all fully aware that it is illegal to send your fragrances the way you have been.  This guide is for the ebay buyer whom I am hoping to offer a little information that will make your ebay experience an enjoyable one.

Thankyou for reading!



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