Postage & Packing Costs

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Postage & Packaging costs…

”Why do some postage costs seem higher than other vendors?”

Answer… Postage costs are the same to everyone !!!   If you check our postal cost for 50 different you will notice that postage costs us $11.00.

However another vendor may only be charging $6.00 for a pack of 50 ???


Our pack size is a 310x225x102mm sturdy Post Office Box, fully packed this costs us $11 to post.  The $6 postal charge is for a pack approx a quarter of this size and not as heavy. so it must contain smaller plants… I have received cuttings only 20mm long whereas our cuttings are usually 150mm or more.

POSTCODE VARIATION...  Sometimes a parcel that costs $11 to send to Qld only costs around $7 to send to a local postcode in our state. What we do here is simply include extra cuttings of the type that was ordered to allow for any overpayment of postage. Some vendors issue a cash refund or use a voucher system but we realise that you want plants so we simply include more to cover any differential postcode costs.

I constantly buy from other Vendors and to date I have always been happy with the results, but I always check the postal costs and their terms and use these as a general guide to the probable outcome of my purchase.


The other way some use to reduce postal weight is to dry out the cuttings for several days to reduce water content. Our cuttings are harvested fresh just before posting and are chock full of water content to help them survive the 3-4 day postal trip.

It is your responsibility to carefully read full details of the advert that you intend purchasing from, compare prices, postage, descriptions,etc,. Make sure you feel comfortable that this is a good deal for you. If you are not certain then please email the vendor with a question before you pay for something that you may later regret.


Bruce And Dot Aiken
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