Postage Pirates Vs. Postage Whingers

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Postage Piracy

A popular term used on the forums to describe people charging more for postage and or insurance than charged by the post office. Now while I can understand people wanting a bargain, or when paying for a service, Express or Registered, and not receiving it, then yes that is a problem. I think it's less of an issue when people charge for packing materials, staff wages, petrol etc. Of course some people complain over a dollar or two. Infact, the lower the cost of the item, the more likely you are to find someone complaining.

Postage Whingers  

Basically the people doing the complaining. The best way to keep them from annoying you with pointless questions, or worse, complaing afterwards is to get an account at the post office. You get a discount on postage, and all items get to be marked Postage Paid Australia.

Final Notes...

In the end if you don't feel comfortable with a postage amount then don't bid. You can even report the listing if you like. If you pay for a service and don't receive it then yes, ask for a refund. If someone doesn't have a postage cost shown, and then charges some absorbatant amount, then yes, that is a problem. If on the other hand, all postage costs are shown upfront, and you are happy to bid on that amount, why does it matter if the postage cost was higher than the postage amount? Would you offer the seller more money if it turned out it cost more than you paid? Is the seller's time and effort worth nothing?

If you got the item as described, for the price you paid, how is that a less than positive experience?

No pleasing some people I guess.



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