Postage Problems

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This guide is all about hints and information on three major topics to do with postage.

  • Buying appropriate packaging and a stamp as packaging for your items.
  • What to do when you have moved house and are still receiving packages.
  • How to the common mail redirection may not help you out.

At a busy post office nobody seems to want to help. Here are some helpful hints to getting the right bag and stamp to suit your costs.

  • You may think that you can go for the cheapest bag and stamp (People try to get away with it and the recipients often complain). But you have to get one that suits your item. You cant get a yellow bag and a $1.45 stamp if you are charging more than $5. People do complain (Trust me).
  • Don't just go to the post office and buy a random bag and stamp. It is well worth your time and money to bring your item along. It should get weighed and you should get an opinion on your choice from a staff member (just to make sure). This can avoid the chance that you have to pay money back to the post office.
  • If you get a really pushy or busy staff member that just wants you to get the most expensive thing and get out then say. "If you were me what would you do?". This could possibly get them to give you an honest opinion or it might just aggravate them and you want to avoid this, so all else fails just say " Sorry, but you are obviously too busy to even serve your customers so I will just go elsewhere." keep it calm even if you are extremely annoyed. If you get no reaction out of this approach just leave and go to another post office. They are people too and they might just be having a bad day so don't try and make their life a living hell there after. Remember it's just postage that you are enquiring about so don't get too worked up.

All your buyers will appreciate it. Remember that you should stand up for yourself, even if it is for better service at the post office.You shouldn't have to settle for less in this area (You are paying for it).

  Another big problem for eBay members is when you move house. Especially on short notice. If you still have parcels coming though you could be stuck in the mud. Here are some helpful hints about the topic.

  • Don't panic! You may be in some trouble but you can get yourself out.
  • Talk to the current residents of your old house and see if you could drop by each fortnight or or so and pick up any parcels you are waiting for. Remind them that this will be an incredible help to you and that you can come at any time that suits them.
  • If you have people in your old house that are being will not help you may want to get a mail redirection. This will not always help. Read the next part to find out why.

See it is worth being nice to those people that you wish would just go away.

At this point mail redirection might seem to be the answer to your problems. Don't count on it! A mail redirection is typically for mail and sometimes you may not recieve parcels. I got one when I moved house a little while ago. It did not help I had to pay for the redirection and then I was not receiving any of my parcels. I went to the post office and was told that anything with my name on it would be sent to my new house. Wrong! Everything I had bought was being sent back to where it came from. So I was stuck having to pay for postage all over again. So try and keep in contact with the new residents and keep up to date with you account if possible.

Best of luck on your journey through the complicated world of the post office.

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