Postage - The hidden costs

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When purchasing off eBay, it is always wise to read the full description of the item you are interested in - INCLUDING THE POSTAGE DESCRIPTION!

So many sellers may appear to have ultra cheap goods but as the old saying goes - if it looks too good to be true, then it usually is.

EBay has policies in place regarding the cost of postage and handling but they are open to interpretation.

Case One - Seller A is selling their item for 0.01 cent. Let's be realistic - nothing costs .01 cent anymore. Even a drawing on a peice of paper will cost at least .01 cent when all things are considered. So how do these people cover the cost of the listing as well as the the actual cost of the item they are selling? They add a large amount on for postage and handling. If the true amount of  postage is $9.00, these types of sellers may quote $20.00 postage. Fortunatly for the eBaying community though, these type of sellers will always list the postage costs near the bottom of the listing so buyers be aware! Always read the entire listing to see what the postage costs are.

But what happens when no postage is listed? The best way to go is email the seller and ask. Sellers don't mind answering emails for postage costs - it means that someone is looking at their auction!

Case Two - Seller B is selling a bulky item and has quoted postage to be $80.00 even though you are in the next suburb. But at the bottom of the page it states that pick is welcome but a small handling charge will be applicable. Always ask the seller before bidding how much is a small handling charge. Handling charges have been known to be as much as $65.00 which makes that very cheap item quite costly. Again, sellers are usually obliged to list such charges but it is always important to understand the real cost of items.

So rememeber, ALWAYS READ THE LSITINGS VERY CAREFULLY and know what you are buying and how much it is going to cost BEFORE you bid. By doing this, you will avoid disappointment and bitterness..

Written by Mrs Bear of bear_industries - home of the free post auction!

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