Postage Tips for New eBay Buyers

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This was my first hurdle as a "newbie" to eBay. Where do you find the postage price for am item? How much should I pay?  Am I being ripped off? How do I find out? How long will it take?

The 10 Postage Tips in this guide may be very useful to help you navigate the system and save you some time and effort

1. Always check the postage cost of am item before bidding.

The postage cost should be listed at the top of an item listing. Some sellers ask you to send your postcode for an estimate. This is a good idea as the estimate will then be accurate.  Others prefer to outline their shipping and postage costs in the item description you may need to scroll down a long way to find it ( yes it's a hassel!).  If in doubt - ask the seller. This sets up communication and is always good step to establishing credibility, especially for the more expensive items.

2. Always consider the cost of postage when buying items. It may blow your budget..

It can be very easy to get carried away when bidding for an item. If you don't  remember to take the cost of postage into consideration it is easy to go way over budget and even to pay much more that an item is worth.

3. Gain some knowledge about what you think is a reasonable price to pay for postage for each item.

This is where research comes in. Always search for similar items before bidding. You will get a feel for the worth of an item and the amount that you should expect to pay for postage.

Check out at the Community Board under Postage and Packaging. You will find some good advise and answers to lots of questions.

4. Look at combing items to save on postage.

Most sellers are happy to combine items for post or offer a discount if you purchase more than one item. So .. have a look at their other itmes for sale, and if you are intending to bid on more than one item let the seller know. They will usually be happy to waite and combine your itmes for both billing and postage. 

5. Remember Pre-Paid Satchels. 

These are gr8. If your purchase looks like it will fit into a 3kg Australia Post Satchel and would transport safely this way - suggest it to the seller.  You have nothing to loose and the seller may not be aware of these satchels. They cost $8.60 to post anywhere in Australia. I usually charge $9.00. This takes into account the trip to the P.O. and any other wrapping that I use.

6. Pick - up.

Check whether pick-up is possible. This may be a cost effective alternative. Of course this depends on your circumstances and the petrol prices too!!

7. Always Check the sellers Feedback.

Make sure that you are happy to buy from this seller. Look at their feedback.  Communicate with them - ask a question - any question. If in doubt - DON"T!! Remember if it looks too good to be true it usually is!!!!

8. Be aware of where the item is coming from.

Is the item coming from Australia or overseas.  Is it a bogus Aussie address?  Have the sellers got stock on hand or is this a drop-ship arrangement - where they are just outselling for on overseas wholesaler? There may well be nothing wrong with any of this. But just be aware of what you are doing so that you can make an informed decision to bid! Some of the well known eBay scams are done this way.  

9. Use Paypal or Ask for insurance.

For both safety and security use paypal for all overseas or expensive items. Add insurance if you think it is necessary. This is easy and inexpensive.   Ask the seller for a quote prior to bidding.


Happy eBaying.

Enjoy it and have fun!!!


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