Postal Issue (Overseas & Locals)

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Hi All eBayer,

I have an issue concerning seller posting/sending an item.

In their policy and/or terms and condition, they stated that they are not responsible for the lost during the post once the item is out of their hand. Which is a fair enough statement.. and thats for normal P&H cost we are talking about. No registered mail.

But my question is, say for instance, if the item is posted from Hong Kong or China and the seller said posted already and you waited and waited and never arrived.

What do we do then? According to the seller's policy, the item lost during the post is not responsible. And the seller may have truely sent it OR simply fake it and replied to you that item has been posted, because we can not check it as the post office is in overseas. What can eBay do to help us? I am posting this as I am having trouble with it before I go to the dispute area.

It's nearly 14 days according to the seller delivery time frame stated in the policy and if I don't see any by next few days then I will be lodging the Dispute.

I have contacted the seller several times and never got reply.

My suggestion is that eBay should make compulsory for overseas sellers to post registered mail with a flat fee for each country accodring to their postal reasonable rate. Or with trackable numbers etc.

To my knowledge most developed countries' post offices (overseas & locals) are pretty much reliable and they will get to you eventually.

Like to hear your thought on this..

And for the rest of the eBay community, I strongly recommend to use Registered Mail or some sort of trackable number if the seller offer one especially if you are bidding on overseas items.

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