Poulan Chainsaw Buying Guide

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Poulan Chainsaw Buying Guide

A chainsaw is a versatile power tool one can use for chopping down trees and handling a number of other tasks around the house. If looking to purchase a chainsaw, the buyer should think about the different options available, such as gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws, and pole chainsaws, as well as the brand of chainsaw. Poulan is one of the top brands on the market.

When considering chainsaws, it is helpful for the buyer to also be aware of the different parts of a chainsaw, including the teeth and the arrangement of the teeth, as well as the variety of other features. Safety is one of the most important considerations when using or transporting a chainsaw, so the buyer should take this into account as well.

Types of Chainsaws

When shopping for a chainsaw, a buyer needs to consider the various options available in the market so that he can make the right decision. Options include electric chainsaws, gas chainsaws, and pole chainsaws. It is always a good idea for the buyer to consider his needs in order to choose the right Poulan chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaws

This type of chainsaw is a good choice for someone who does not need to do a lot of heavy cutting. The chainsaw is perfect for trimming small branches. Some of the smaller electric chainsaws are also cordless, which makes them more portable. These chainsaws have the advantage of being rather quiet, although they are not going to be able to cut through thick branches.

Gas Chainsaws

Larger chainsaws run on gasoline, and this is what one should choose if the project requires a lot of cutting. Gas chainsaws also have a tank, which naturally makes them bulkier. These chainsaws need fuel regularly, but they are the tool of choice for heavy yard work or landscaping. Buyers can choose from a couple of different Poulan gas chainsaw models available in the marketplace.

Pole Chainsaws

A combination of a trimmer and a chainsaw, a pole chainsaw is the right choice if one just needs to trim branches. These chainsaws can reach up to 16 feet, nearly 5 metres, depending on how long the pole is, allowing one to trim branches while staying on the ground. The chainsaws are available in both gas and electric versions. Many of the pole chainsaws in the market also have teeth around the chain to make it easier to snatch the branches and lower them to the ground. Poulan offers a great pole chainsaw that is popular.

Parts of a Poulan Chainsaw

Before shopping for a chainsaw, it is a good idea for the buyer to know about the different parts that make up the product. Parts include the guide bar and the teeth, and both the style and their arrangement of the teeth are important factors as well.

Guide Bar

The chain of the machine wraps around the guide bar. The guide bar usually ranges between 16 and 36 inches, about 40 to 90 cm in length, and it is rounded. This piece also has an edge socket through which the chain passes around the bar.

Teeth Type

Another factor one should think about when buying a chainsaw is its teeth, which is the part that actually cuts the wood or branches. The buyer needs to take into account the various kinds of teeth on a chainsaw as well as the arrangement of the teeth. Different types of teeth to consider include chisel teeth and semi-chisel teeth.

Teeth Type


Chisel Teeth

Square metal teeth that can easily tear through soft wood

Semi-Chisel Teeth

Better option for cutting through hard wood

When purchasing a chainsaw, one must have a good idea about the type of tasks one plans to undertake. Considering the type of wood one cuts makes it easier to decide on the right type of chainsaw teeth.

Teeth Arrangement

The arrangement of the teeth on a Poulan chainsaw is just as important. Many chainsaws only have one drive link between each tooth, but this is not the only option. Others have more links between the teeth. Known as semi-skip or full skip chains, this type of arrangement occurs on longer chains. This is useful for a number of reasons. It is quicker to sharpen the teeth, and it takes less power. However, the cut is not as smooth as a cut from a chain with more teeth.

Features on a Poulan Chainsaw

In addition to the basics, a lot of chainsaws from Poulan have advanced features that a buyer should look into. The features include a chain brake, an automatic lubricator, and a muffler, amongst others. The chain brake is an important safety feature that stops the chain in case it encounters some kind of movement. This chain break also stops a chain that flies off before it can hurt the user. The user can also activate it manually on a number of models. A muffler reduces the noise of a model, which is important because some of the models are so loud that they can damage the user's hearing. The automatic lubricator helps keep the chain in great shape and ensures a smoother cut. Vibration is also a concern because it can strain the user's hands or arms. Newer chainsaws reduce this problem with a spring-loaded connector system.

Other Considerations When Purchasing a Poulan Chainsaw

A buyer also needs to think about some of the other features in a Poulan chainsaw before making a purchase. Considerations include the bar length and the size of the engine.

Bar Length

One other thing to keep in mind is bar length, which is basically the distance of the cutting area. On smaller chainsaw, this may be around 15 cm, but it could be all the way up to 50 cm on bigger chainsaws. Poulan offers a number of options.

Engine Displacement

This measurement basically refers to how big the engine and indicates the gas engine in cubic centimetres. A higher number means that the engine is more powerful and heavier. However, this is only a consideration for chainsaws that run on gas.


When operating a chainsaw, safety should be one of the big concerns. The user always needs to wear goggles as well as other safety clothing when operating a chainsaw. He should also be careful when operating the chainsaw and wear boots as an extra precaution. The user also needs to take care when transporting a chainsaw. Because these are sharp and dangerous tools, a plastic scabbard is helpful when transporting the chainsaw. Not only does this prevent injury, but it also protects the tool's chain.

How to Buy a Poulan Chainsaw on eBay

If you are looking for a Poulan chainsaw, eBay is a great place to search for one. You may want to start with a keyword search, using a term such as " Poulan chainsaw", because it is a great starting point to find the options available. You can then start narrowing down the number of listings by selecting different categories. It is a good idea to also see what the top sellers have to offer and if they provide free shipping as well. As always, do look in the eBay Deals section to make sure you are not missing out on great offers.

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