Powering your Boat - Selecting the right size motor.

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Hi there, I just wanted to write a quick Guide to help you out with getting the right engine size for your boat. Obviously there is too small, eg. V19R with a 50hp outboard. And there is too big , eg. V146C with a 500hp Inboard ( I used Haines Hunters as examples because everybody knows these models).
I am sick of seeing friends and  people at the ramp buying under-powered "Package deals" from boat dealers, sure they work and you will have fun, but if you just add a couple more ponies, you would be far more impressed with your boats performance and fuel economy.

Thats right when it comes to powerboats more power equals less fuel consumption! People think when they buy a new "boat package" - "oh we`ll just save some money and run with the motor that the dealer has put on". Well guess what, the dealer, being the nice guy that he is, has installed the lowest powered engine recomended for that particular boat. Why, you ask. It`s so he can advertise the lowest possible price he can, just to get you interested and in the door.

How it works: Simply put, If you increase available power, then the engine will not have to work as hard to get the same peformance, therefore gaining fuel economy (Less revs, Same speed).

My Point is: If you can afford a boat, then go that bit extra and get the maximum (legal) hp engine for that particular type of boat (refer Boat manufacturers build plate).
An improved fuel economy will far outway the extra cost investing in a larger hp engine. Especially, with the price of fuel rising.

I am not selling boats or engines, I just wanted to make a difference to your hip pocket and the marine environment.
Thanks for reading.
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