Practice your shooting with a Target at home

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Practice makes perfect (a methodology rather than a simple tag line). Knowing how to hit an animal at distance is made easier when your practice sessions involve a similarly sized animal silhouette target. An animal silhouette target will give you a realistic target to aim at, and despite being seemingly a novelty, you'd be surprised how much such a target can improve your aim and shot placement on the animal when it comes to the actual hunt. You'll want to find substantial targets with some weight, so they don't have to be constantly reset, and won't easily get knocked over or destroyed. The strategy of using animal silhouette targets should include acute shot placement in order to get the best use out of the practice. Using a life-sized target and placing only well prepared shots in vital areas of the animal (target) will give you a good practice for the shots you will take in the field, which, often times will not be on a stationary target, and which will often be on a smaller animal. Knowing how well you will group and being able to ensure an excellent first shot will improve your results on the hunt. 

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