Pre-loved Children's Books Light up your childs life

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Reading To Babies, Toddlers and Young Children is the single most valuable thing you can ever do!

Why is reading a benefit to all children?

  • Reading books of all kind gives children the experience of all types of medium from language, rhythms and sounds
  • To do better at school Research has proven that children from a early age need to be read to
  • Many more topics that do not necessarily come up in day to day conversations will be exposed to children via books
  • It is such a calming method for night time, after a bath then off to bed with a bed time story soothes all children off to a fantastic sleep.
  • Needing more time with one on one with your child? Then reading is the perfect way to spend bonding together.

Try to keep reading a fun time:)

  • Reading needs to be fun other wise you will soon hear "i can't read" or "i am too tired to read"
  • So if your child is not enjoying reading - which means he/she wont read - then find a book that takes it back to simple fun and easy text. 
  • Get Back to easy books that rhythms, with bright colours and silly sentences and in next to no time they will be enjoying a good book again

What Age Group Should Reading To Start At? 

  • From very early on - even young babies benefit hugely from books
  • Its great for eye muscles to develop as they focus on the pages, as well as language development skills
  • Babies all so look at how you are moving your mouth/tongue around which helps with speech later on
  • Babies learn by doing. So everytime a baby sees, hears, or feels anything then there brain is developing (at a fast rate)
  • In the first two years of a baby life, they develop and learn more than there whole lifetime

Worried about sounding silly reading aloud?

  • Don't worry, babies can't tell between reading skills, as long as you are reading slowly enough for them to be able to hear the words clearly then you are doing a fantastic job
  • If are really worried about your reading skills - then read to only your child when no one is around and practice, practice, practice and you will soon have the confidence to read to a full room of people

Find A Comfy Spot To Read to Children

  • Find a comfy spot for reading, especially at night time when children are winding down from there full on day
  • A comfy, cosy, relaxed environment makes for life time memories
  • If the child is laying down, you could always lay down with them or snuggle together on a comfy chair or bean bag

Reading Books Early ON will help with recognising words

  • If a word appears a few times in a book then try and let the younger child say that word each time, as they see that word they will soon start to recognise the world(s) in other books
  • As soon as they hit 2-4 years of age its time to introduce share reading, where its your turn, my turn, your turn etc so they will soon start to read the book by themselves

One Huge Tip For Reading

Let the Child See that reading is part of your life by reading aloud or to yourself.
Have books in and around the house.
Visit the library often, and a book store.
Purchase books when ever you see one you are interested in.

That old saying "they copy everything you do" applies to reading as well. So pick up a book and soon your child will be as hooked as you.

The younger the child The More...
  • Pictures you will need.
  • The more colourful it becomes more interesting
  • books with poems, songs or stories of any story line as long as it is fun
  • And remember little fingers will explore so make sure the book will stand the testing of babies delights.
For the older age group - toddlers and preschool
  • You will need all sorts of different types of books, with words as well as pictures
  • The more words the book has and less pictures will help them to understand about reading
  • If your child is into a particular sport or hobby or passion then tie it in with books to encourage them to read
If your child is not into books, don't stress too much! There is writing all around us in our day to day life so you will soon see them reading signs, street names, directions or even the sport section of the newspaper.

Reading opens up their world to a high new level, Grab a book today and get them addicted to reading

Its So Much Fun:)

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