Precautions for New Ebayers

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    Firstly, Welcome to Ebaying, It can be a very good experience and a really bad experience selling your stuff and buying online, so I would like to share my own experiences with ebay and online purchases and sales. I am a private selling/buyer in ebay (meaning I do not own a business , I just buy stuffs and sell my own old stuff) I have been a member since Aug. 2000 with only 157 feedback but 100% positive.
    I will not get into too much details but here are some things you must be aware of  to always have a smooth transaction. I ALWAYS look for the seller/buyers' feedback, I usually only deal with people with 100% positive feedback, but to take some into consideration, even if they have over a 1000 feedback with 92% positive it is still OK to deal with them, because for most people with that much transactions and some negative feedback, I notice the ones leaving bad feedback are the ones who are new to ebay and have -1% feedback to themselves too, some people specially the new ones are very incondiserate and are inpatient, they are quick to jump into conclusions and just give out negative feedback, and most does not read the sellers/buyers' terms and conditions. You can view their pass transactions and the comunications between the seller & buyer.
    Before you buy anything, ALWAYS read the seller's terms & conditions, and if your are still not sure? ASK! don't asume anything. And take responsibilties for your actions. Always ask things: postages, warranty, payment, refund. It can be annoying but its an insurance.
    I also uses Paypal for extra security, because you will be informed when your payment has gone thru or you have received your payment. NEVER EVER send money thru Western Union, I have bad experience with these type of payment when I first started ebaying, (when ebay have also just started) Direct deposit can also be a worry specially if the seller has 0% feedback.
    So hopefully these little hints will not scare you away from online auctions, I have gain alot of savings thru this process, and some people even have successful business thru ebaying. Good Luck!
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