Pressure Washer Buying Guide

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Pressure Washer Buying Guide

A pressure washer is a useful garden tool that utilises a blast of high pressure water to effectively wash away dirt, grime and flaking paint. They come in three sizes: light, medium and heavy duty. Pressure washers are also available with electric motors or petrol powered engines. Prior to purchase, the buyer should decide how much power they will need to effectively clean whatever they want to clean.

Washer Strengths

Pressure washers are measured by the strength of the jet of water they spray outwards. The measurement is known as bar units. The higher the bar unit, the stronger the water pressure.


A light pressure washer has a strength of 100 bar. The washer’s small, lightweight size makes it easy to carry the washer around. A light pressure washer is usually used to clean surfaces such as windows, furniture or garden items. An inexpensive light pressure washer usually relies on electricity to function. The drawback of an electric powered light pressure washer is the fact that the washer must always be plugged in via a cord to an electrical outlet. The cord can get in the way. Most light pressure washers are attached to a tap to effectively run.


A medium pressure washer is heavier than a light washer and not easily carried anywhere. Most models come with attached wheels, and the user has to wheel the washer where ever he wants to use it. A medium pressure washer usually has a 110 bar level. A larger washer, it is rarely available in an electric model. The most commonly found types of medium washer rely on either petrol or diesel to power the motor. The heavier stream of water that a medium washer pushes out is ideal to clean off vehicles, dirt bikes, engines, gutters and other jobs that need a strong jet spray. Some medium size washers can be attached to a tap, but others require a water tank to work effectively.


A heavy duty washer is usually used for commercial cleaning such as large trucks or lorries. The washer has an output of 130 bar. The washer usually needs to be connected to a huge water tank or directly to a water main. Heavy pressure washers usually operate using a petrol or diesel motor.

Washer Parts

Most pressure washers are sold complete, but on rare occasions a buyer might have to buy the parts used to successfully operate the washer separate from the washer.


A pressure washer relies on a hose to function properly. The hoses are available in a variety of sizes, and are affixed to the pressure washer via screw set ends. Sometimes a basic garden hose is used in a light pressure washer to attach the washer to the tap.


The nozzle affixes to the pressure washer’s hose and works via a screw set. It has the ability to create a concentrated jet or a 40-degree fan. Brushes are usually available that will affix directly to the nozzle.


The gun, also called the lance, hooks the nozzle to the hose. It has a trigger that the user depresses to release water in a steady jet. The lance has the ability to increase the pressure washer’s output or decrease it by controlling the washer’s lance/gun.


The buyer should always wear eye protection and gloves when operating a pressure washer. If the pressure washer runs via a gas/petrol motor, it should be used only outside or in an area with open windows to keep from breathing the engine’s fumes which may be harmful or deadly. The user should also wear waterproof clothing to keep from getting too wet.

Purchasing a Pressure Washer on eBay

Buyers will have very little problem finding a pressure washer on eBay. To locate a pressure washer, the buyer should go to the online auction site’s main homepage. In the search bar on the page, the buyer should type in “pressure washer” and search within the Home and Garden section. A wide array of choices will come up. The buyer can narrow the search results by entering personal options such as size and spray output. Once the buyer finds a pressure washer to bid on they should remember that bidding can often last days before a winner is declared. Sometimes the buyer can find a pressure washer available for immediate sale. In such an instance, the buyer can successfully bypass having to bid on the item, and can purchase the pressure washer outright. Before bidding on a pressure washer, the buyer should always check the seller’s feedback score to determine how past transactions went.


With a bit of basic knowledge about available pressure washers, the buyer will have no problem deciding what size he or she needs to get the job done. With a bit of a diligence, the buyer will be able to find a washer for sale on eBay.

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