Pressurized & Pressureless Tennis Balls

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Pressurized tennis balls derive their bounce from added air pressure inside the ball and are the most common ball type for tournament and competition play.

Over time however this air leaks out of the ball through the rubber core which is porous to some degree resulting in reduced bounce and response of the ball during play.

In order to keep the balls in peak condition until required for use these balls are shipped and sold in a pressurized can which while unopened will stop the air leaking out of the balls.


Pressureless tennis balls derive their bounce from the construction method used to produce the ball and are typically used for training drills including use in ball machines

 As the bounce is not derived from added pressure inside the ball, but is inherent in the type of construction method used in manufacture pressureless tennis balls retain their bounce indefinitely.

This means they only need to be discarded when the felt cover on the ball becomes degraded due to use.

As a guide pressureless balls have a slightly harder feel than pressurized ones.

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