Prevention of crime

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From AFP & NSW Police
Community Issues
There is a Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) at each of the 80 Local Area Commands across NSW.
These officers work closely with their communities to deliver local solutions to local issues. They coordinate the NSW Police Force's crime prevention and reduction initiatives with those of other government, welfare, business and community sectors at a local level.

Crime prevention and reduction is not only a police responsibility; the community have an important role to play in preventing and reducing crime.

In the course of a busy day, you may write a cheque, call home on your mobile phone, apply for a new credit card or order tickets online. Chances are you don’t give these everyday transactions a second thought. But someone else may.

There is a new variety of crook called a identity thief. His or her stock in trade is your everyday transaction. Each transaction
requires you to share personal information whether it be your credit card number, home address, telephone number or social
security number. An identity thief co-opts some piece of your personal information and appropriates it without your knowledge to commit fraud or theft.

“Identity theft” is the a takeover of a person’s identity by utilising stolen personal information, or fraudulently obtained, forged or stolen identity documents. Identity theft often results in the takeover of a victim’s existing bank accounts or by the fraudulent operation of new accounts opened by the perpetrator in the victim’s name.

Identity theft brings with it additional problems of victimisation for the person whose name has been “stolen”. These problems centre on the victim undoing the damage that has been caused to their name and reputation.

Using an ATM
Never divulge your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone
Be quick and do not hang around the ATM when you have completed your transactions
Be aware of who is around you when using an ATM
Secure your wallet or purse when using the ATM
Never count your money on the street, put it away as soon as possible
Do not write your PIN down even if it is disguised or in code.

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