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While i have only been participating as a seller on ebay for a short time i hope that i have some clearly definable and useful strategies i can offer to everyone when communicating with others within the EBay system. Of course i don't believe i have all the answers, nor do i believe that what i suggest cannot be challenged or improved upon, but what i do hope to do is at least to get the people who take the time to read this to stop and assess their own communication styles, interact, and share knowledge and wisdom about their experiences within the online auction structure.

As mentioned earlier i am just starting out but one of the tips i have picked up is that not all communication is direct from buyer to seller or seller to buyer. Much more goes on before that even begins, EBay itself gives us many tools to utilise during this period of the interaction and it is up to each of us to research what we would like to use to maximise our chances of a successful sale or purchase. As a seller i have come to realise that the more information we can provide about ourselves and what we sell the better. The buyer wants to be informed in a detailed way about the product so they can make a choice from a position of power, they also want to be informed about the seller themselves so they can develop an appraised opinion of that person. Developing information on a "ME" page, and on your "My World" Page as a seller is i think a useful tool, it also gives each of us more of an opportunity to participate within the Ebay community such as i am right now.

The email system is of course the major way we communicate with each other when buying and selling on EBay, as a seller i have found great pleasure in always making sure i respond quickly to questions asked, or in general any enquiries about the whole process. I have already experienced many different styles of interaction with other EBayer's and can confidently state that there is a very diverse range of ways people respond to each other. There are some definite do's and don'ts when communicating that i have already determined and they are as follows...


*   Always make sure your buyers are kept informed of each step in the purchase, send extra emails to inform people about when their payment has been recieved and when their items will be sent out.

*   Always answer any questions asked relating to the purchase clearly and politely.

*   Always act professional in all your interactions with others on EBay.

*   Always write your reponses in an objective, non judgemental, non accusational way, and never make assumptions.

*   Listen to the other person if they have an issue, and do all you can to resolve it.

*   Always remain professional and reasonable, even if the other person is not.

*   Always remember, at the end of the day if you have done all you can to follow these guidelines, and the stated guidelines of EBay you have done your bit.

*   Always own up when you have made a mistake, if the other person is reasonable this should provide a foundation from which you can develop a fair and reasonable solution for you both.


*   React emotively and in a threatening way to others you are dealing with, never make acusations or assumptions you can not prove.

*   Don't structure your responses in a way which can be rude such as using CAPITALS....or !!!!!!!!!!!!!.....etc, these provide a look to your email which can only be read as aggressive.

*   Never tell lies, or manipulate the truth in feedback, reply's or follow ons.

*   Continue in any never ending arguements with other people via email about issues.

These are just some suggestions, i know there are many more i haven't thought of, so feel free to make comments to add more if you like, also feel free to share your stories about your great interactions with others...and if you like your not so great interactions, i know we have all had them.

If we all follow the simple "POSITIVE" approach it will a great step in the right direction....

P eople come first.

O mit negativity at all times.

S ell to each other with integrity.

I nspire each other through our actions.

T ell each other positive things.

I nvent new ways to be nice.

V oice your opinion in a positive way.

E veryone deserves respect.

I'm sure you can see that if we all aspire to follow those guidelines in how we communicate on EBay we will be a long way to making life easier for each other, It's not always easy but with practice we can all do it.


Trekiephil   :)

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