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I thought since I sell these items I would include a few tips and some more info on them.

The cleanser is the first step in the line as most of you know. Its a creamy cleanser with exfoliating beads to help cleanse, remove ingrained grime from pores and refine the skins texture by buffing away dead skin cells.

I find that if you scrub gently for 2 mins it may be a bit much - so I do a standard 60 second scrub and see how my skin feels - if its ok I might keep going concentrating on nose and forehead or congested areas.

Rinse really well and your ready for the next step which is the toner.

Easy to use add a bit to a cotton swab and wipe gently over the entire face and neck area.

You may feel slight stinging on some areas of your face due to the cleanser removing the dead cells or exposed pimples. But your face should not ever BURN or go RED. This item is designed to remove any traces of cleanser left on your face and neck and it leaves a fine layer of Benzoyl Peroxide the medicating ingredient in the line that helps eliminate and prevent pimples and breakouts.

Let this dry and apply the next step - which is of course the repairing lotion.

You dont need much of this product to do your entire face and neck! Seriously a 10c piece sized amount is plenty!

If your suffering from dryness from using all 3 steps - then now is the time to apply an OIL FREE moisturiser.....Proactives green tea moisturiser is fantastic! Hydrating and leaves your skin soft and smooth! The oil free moisture is also great if you need extra protection from the sun as it has an SPF of your skin is more susceptible to the suns rays from using proactive - more sensitive if you like.

The best ever is the mask though! This is my favourite item from the line! Its a creamy sulfur based mask to help refine pores even further! It helps to reduce redness and inflammation in the skin whilst deep cleaning pores.

Its awesome I really love using it. Its also great to spot treat pimples....meaning after you cleanse your face you then apply the mask directly over pimples and leave for as long as possible...overnight is best - although you may want to cover the applied mask with a small round bandaide unless you dont mind cleaning your pillow case the next day as some of the mask will come off during the night.

This product is to be used after you use the cleanser - leave on for 10 mins or till dry - I like to leave it on for 20 mins to receive the full benefits of the ingredients - this will not irritate or upset your skin if you leave it on longer.

Have a face washer or CLEAN sponge handy to remove the mask - soak the cloth in warm water and press onto your face wetting the mask thoroughly before gently wiping and removing it from your face. Be gentle - you dont want to end up with a red face for a half hour!

Rinse really well with plenty of clean warm water and then tone and moisturise as normal.

There are other products in the line such as the advanced blemish treatment for super duper zit zapping - this item is hard to get a hold of but I do have it in store occasionally. Its a small tube of concentrated product to really dry up those pimples....

A medicated body wash - great if you have breakouts on your chest, shoulders, back etc. This product has small exfoliating beads in it as well....

A medicated body lotion - similar to the repair lotion but for back, chest, shoulders etc.

Daily Oil control lotion - which is a medicated lotion to be applied after toning  - this reduces oil production and helps keep skin matte and shine free. You apply a thin layer to skin - let dry then use repair lotion.

There are body wipes - great for a quick fix clean after the gym or if your sweaty...

Loose powder, concealer and a compact powder - all available if your in the club = you can purchase these on USA ebay - although I personally think the postage is too high......if you can find a seller that will post to Australia. I would love to have these in my store but I have yet to find a decent supplier - these items are very hard to get a hold of! They come in 3 shades - light medium and deep. There is also a translucent powder great for finishing your makeup off - setting it if you like. These are all medicated and for oily ance prone skin.....the concealer contains sulfur like the mask to help dry and heal pimples whislt you wear it - and the powders keep skin matte and shine free but also protected from further breakouts.

Unfortunately I have yet to try all of these makeup items - as I said they are difficult to get a hold of.

I have used proactive for more than 2 years now and really have had great results - it has refined my skin, my pores are reduced and my skin alot clearer.

I do recommend this product highly but as you may or may not know it is not for may work for you but you wont know till you try it for yourself.

May your skin always be clean and fresh and happy ebaying people!



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