Products used in Acrylic Nails - Avoid MMA

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BE WARNED - SELLERS IN CHINA SUPPLYING TO AUSTRALIA THROUGH EBAY WILL NOT SUPPLY YOU WITH AN MSDS (material safety data sheet) which will tell you if the product contains methyl methacrylate (MMA).  Unfortunately there are some uncrupulous sellers based in Australia as well on selling these products with no idea or care that they are endangering your health or the general publics when they post this poison through the mail.

If you are thinking about doing your own acrylic nails, please, please please consider carefully where you are buying your products from and don't be shy in asking the supplier what they contain.

Unfortunately, in Australia, some acrylic liquids being sold contain a product called MMA.  MMA is Methyl Metha-crylate.  This products is BANNED in the USA and because the nail industry has not been regulated here, Australian Health Authorities have not taken the same stance as the USA.

Why you should avoid MMA:
In the USA MMA has been classed as a poison, it can cause the following through prolonged exposure:
- permanent nail loss
- miscarriages
- liver damage
- respiratory problems (ever wondered why the nail techs in some shops where masks)
- because of it's strength it is inflexible and can literally lift the natural nail off the nail plate.

If you have any doubts over whether or not the Acrylic Liquid/Acrylic Monomer you have purchased contains MMA, ask the supplier for an MSDS (material specifications data sheet) and this will tell you exactly what the product contains, if the seller cannot supply you with this, ask for a refund because they are not prepared to verify what is in their products.  Failure to provide a MSDS is reportable to Occupational Health and Safety if you are running a salon and storing these chemicals in bulk.  Acrylic Liquid with MMA has a very very strong strange odour and this is one of the tell tale signs.

Do not confuse MMA with EMA, EMA based acrylic liquid is what you should be using.

How can you tell if your nail tech has used Acrylic Liquid with MMA:
It will only be able to be drilled off and filing off will take ages.  If you are using Soak Off and after, say, 35 minutes the enhancements have not budged, then you can be 99% sure that the liquid used contained MMA.

Sellers importing these types of products are required to be registered with NICNAS, which is a Government department that monitors all cosmetic imports.  Ask your seller for their NICNAS registration number and this will tell you whether or not the seller is reporting to NICNAS in relation to the cosmetics and cosmetic related products they are importing.  Any reputable seller will be registered and this will give you a good indication of how they run their business and therefore also indicate that the seller is aware of what their products contain.

Also, some sellers selling acrylic liquids and acrylic powders have no idea where the products they are selling are manufactured, some state they are made in Australia, there are no local manufacturers of these products.  Be wary, because it is clear that the seller has no idea of what is in the products they are selling and probably will not be able to supply you with an MSDS.  Without doubt, the acrylic liquid being sold from Asia also contains MMA and this is why it is so cheap and they will definitely not be able to supply you with an MSDS. 

Put your health and safety first before trying to save money on acrylic liquid.

Look for  Acrylic Liquid that does not contain MMA.

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