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After being in the motor industry for as long as I have, I’ve heard the same story countless times, “I was reversing my car out of a car park and out of nowhere a pole came and hit my car”. From my experience I have found the pole was stationary at the time and it was the car that was moving, but never the less let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Reversing cameras to the rescue, now you can see the pole coming closer to  you and with the built in warning lines to see how close you are to the pole.

Now there’s no excuse for hitting those pesky car park poles, well besides “I haven’t been to see the team at Motor Formula”. So what are you waiting for, come see the professionals at Motor Formula, before you have to see your panel beater again.
Installation Service for All Major Cities excluding Adelaide.
$319 Installation Fee, we will come to you.
Includes installation of your Motor Forumla Head unit & Camera.
(if purchased with a camera)
Due to the amount of installations we are booking, your installation may take up to 9 Days to confirm. 

Please purchase the installation with your stereo, detailing your vehicle make, model, year and series Also specify your suburb and preferred days and times for installation. 

We will confirm all the details with you to ensure you get the right stereo in your car.

OUR INSTALLS COME WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THE INSTALLATION. this is just one of the benefits of seeking the services of a professional instead of Backyard Bob. 

There are some larger companies that will do it cheaper but they seem to resent the customer for purchasing the unit elsewhere (as this is where they make their money) and we have had a number of units come back from customers who went to the big red company or the big yellow company, and have had their units shorted out deliberately.

We recommend that you go local and support small businesses. Look for reviews, check their licence, ask to see some of their work and make sure you like the person working on your car.


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