Protect Yourself Against PayPal Buyer Scams!

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Want to protect yourself against PayPal Buyer Fraud? Then use Registered Mail!

How to Save Money and Time Using Registered Post! Lots of Math Calculations!

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Why Should I Choose/Not Choose Registered Mail?


  • Delivers in the same time as Regular Mail (up to 5 biz days on average)
  • Postage Fees are the same as a Regular Mail - (Registered Mail is an option, not a whole new service. Same weight brackets: unlike ExpressPost, Courier, etc.)
  • PrePaid satchels with a fixed prepaid weight save you a bit, especially if you buy in bulk
  • PrePaid Registered Mail Labels save you 65c per label / $32.50 (when you buy a box of 50 for $105 - Usually $137.50 / $2.75 per label)
  • Item is insured up to $100
  • Extra Insurance can be purchased up to $5000 (great for sending jewellery, expensive electronics, etc.)
  • Proof of Postage is given when you fill out the form - Protection against 'item not sent' disputes through eBay and PayPal - Protection again 'wrong item sent' disputes when you provide a description of the contents
  • Proof of Delivery is available (recipient's signature on delivery) - (Concrete evidence that indesputable in a dispute)
  • Delivery to the named recipient only and handover of the item in person is available - (You can require delivery for your item to be given to the recipient written on the item - e.g. avoid the recipient's relatives/friends receiving it and losing it, etc.)
  • Can charge mail to an Auspost Charge Account - (you can accrue your postage expenses over time and receive a bill for it all after a selected period)
  • A unique ID is assigned for each article and it is registered in AusPosts records
  • Must provide your Sender Address: it is very hard for the item to get lost in transit as the item's unique ID is linked to your address


  • Costs up to $2.75 extra to register each item - NOT INCLUDING the postage fee.
  • Have to fill out extra paperwork - (a form to write your details, the recipient's details, tick which options you want, sign, date it, then go to the Post Office and stamp it, they have to type it in, etc)
  • Cannot post after hours / you have to go to the Post Office when its open - (even with PrePaid satchels - you have to go to the Post Office and have the item weighed and the paperwork entered into the system, etc.)
  • Delivery Confirmation, Extra Insurance, Person-to-Person Delivery OPTIONS COST EXTRA
  • You are not protected from disputes if you lose your receipts: (you have to keep them for 60 days after the transaction and have to scan/fax them to eBay/PayPal if you're in a dispute)
  • No tracking - can't tell where it is at a point in time, and what is happening with your item.
The only reason I can see that people would offer / use Registered Mail over other services is that the item is recorded as being sent by AusPost.

Comparison with Regular Mail


  • Insurance
  • Proof of Postage
  • Can buy PrePaid Satchels / Boxes


  • It costs more than Regular Mail
  • It delivers at the same time + delivered through the same postal network / system as Regular
  • Only useful for valuable items - useless for anything under $50 in my opinion

Comparison with ExpressPost


  • Insurance
  • Proof of Postage
  • Registered costs less for items over 5kg in almost all situations - (uses the same weight brackets as Regular Mail)
  • ExpressPost costs more for items over 5kg in almost all situations - (due to domestic transit via Airplane)


  • SLOWER delivery times - ExpressPost is 3 biz. days at most (and thats to remote locations, islands, etc.)
  • Registered costs more for items under 5kg in almost all situations - (fixed price for label)
  • Only useful for valuable items - useless for anything under $50 in my opinion
  • Paperwork / Time needed to go to the Post Office and line up - (can't buy and fill out prepaid satchels and just drop it into a box in your own time)

The Role of Registered mail in eBay/ Paypal Disputes

You know those sellers that JUST PAY, DON'T COMMUNICATE with you, and DON'T LEAVE FEEDBACK? Guess what?

SURPRISE! UP TO 60 DAYS LATER A BUYER CAN CLAIM that the item was damaged in transit, not delivered, the wrong item, etc!

Typical PayPal Buyer Dispute - Scam Situations:

  • The buyer claims that you didn't send the item out to them at all - if you use ExpressPost or Regular Mail that isn't recognized as 'proof' that you posted the item
  • Didn't 'describe your item in detail / sent the wrong item / item sent was not what was expected (to an acceptable eBay standard) - (e.g. you sold a box of chewing gum, but listed the item as a 'bulk lot of chewing gum.' The buyer can claim that they received a 'box of... newspaper, peanuts, etc...' but they really just ate the gum)
  • The item was damaged / broken in transit - item arrived with its packaging torn, corners dented/ripped, fragile items broken, parts of the item fell out, etc...

So make sure to:

  • Keep all your Registered Mail Receipts for up to 60 Days after the transaction
  • Describe your item in detail: don't use weasel words in your descriptions (its quite worn out, kind of used, its a nice collection of dvd's, quite a lot of stickers, its a weird shade of green, it smells a little, its kind of dented, a little worn down over time.. etc..) Describe it as accurately as possible, if there is a scratch, a tear, a discoloration, SAY IT! (even take a picture). It's even better to describe it with words that give the impression that it is in a worse condition as it really is, don't be vague and try to give a false impression of its condition. Think about it, if a buyer receives an item that they were expected to be really worn down but its arrives in a better condition that expected they'll be more happy than if they receive the item in a worser shape than the impression you gave them! Also this will prevent 'item mispresented / poorly represented" disputes and cases from being opened against you up to 60 days later.

    If you don't, there is an even higher chance that the buyer can win in a dispute (with eBay and/or PayPal), and you will be forced to refund the buyer months after they made the purchase, and you will likely get a negative feedback - (you would have well forgotten about the particular item too.)

How to Save Time When Using Registered Mail (for regular users)

  • Ask for a stack of blank forms from your favorite Postal Worker - so you can fill them out before you get there (instead of taking 5-10mins at the counter on the day)
  • Ask for 'Multiple Lodgement Forms' - (If you use Registered Mail regularly, instead of having to fill out your contact details on individual forms, this is a form with a table that fits up to 9 items!)
  • Buy Prepaid Satchels - (Although in some cases they may cost more (see below), they do save the time having to weigh each item individually)
  • Buy Prepaid Registered Mail Labels - (They save the Postal Worker from having to write each number on the form (11-12 digits, so its long))
  • Custom Order your own Custom Packaging with Registered Imprints - (Its essentially a prepaid satchel + non-prepaid label combined - only for large volume users though)

How to Save Money When Using Registered Mail

PrePaid Imprints

Ideal for businesses that use large volumes of Registered Mail.
These are essentially for businesses that want custom envelopes/packaging which use their company logo/colours, and want the barcode to be printed on the packaging instead of as a sticker.
These are custom order - only useful for when you're at the stage that you mail so much that a private van has to come and pick it up from you daily. I won't discuss these in this guide.
They only cost $2.10 each.

IGNORE THESE AS AN OPTION - most 'normal eBayers' won't ever use these - its only for large volume mail users.

PrePaid Labels

These are an orange sticker that goes on your package.
It has a unique ID on it which is linked to your (the sender's) details (address, phone number, etc. in case it gets lost).

Each label costs $2.75.

Buy in bulk
a Box of 50 for $105- it will save you $32.50 in total --> that's 10-11 free! (65c saved per label!)

PrePaid Envelopes

You cannot simply fill out a PrePaid Envelope and drop it into a mail box.
For the parcel to be 'Registered,' you have to physically walk into the Post Office and get your details entered into the system.

Anyway I totally recommend these! However they're only for letters and documents. Heres the breakdown:

Small Letters / Documents

                Small Letters (usually trifolded): $1.10 (<125g fee) + $2.75 = $3.85.
                                                 ---            WHEREAS             ---
                               Prepaid Small (incl. Registered Fee) (up to 250g) = $3.30
                         Prepaid Small - Pack of 10 ($31.35/pack) (1-4 Packs) = $3.14 (16c saved per item)
                          Prepaid Small - Pack of 10 ($29.70/pack) (5+ Packs) = $2.97 (33c saved per item)


Large Letters / Documents

              A4 Sheets, a Magazine, etc. (unfolded): $1.65 (125g-250g fee) + $2.75 = $4.40
Thick A4 Stack, a few Magazines, etc (unfolded): $2.75 (250g-500g fee) + $2.75 = $5.50
                                                 ---            WHEREAS             ---
                                                Prepaid Large (incl. Registered Fee) (up to 500g) = $4.40
                                         Prepaid Large - Pack of 10 ($41.85/pack) (1-4 Packs)  = $4.18 (22c saved per item)
                                         Prepaid Large - Pack of 10 ($39.60/pack) (5+ Packs)  =  $3.96 (44c saved per item)



efinitely use both of these if you want to register your letters / documents!

PrePaid Satchels

You cannot simply fill out a PrePaid Satchel and drop it into a mail box.
For the parcel to be 'Registered,' you have to physically go into the Post Office and get your details entered into the system.
I believe this contradicts with the reason why you would buy prepaid (other than saving money); which is to save time at the Post Office - but you do avoid having to go to that table and taping it up on the day.

Anyway, here's the breakdown:

0g - 500g

                                                                                                       (0g-250g): $4.20 (postage fee) + $2.75 = $6.95.
                                                                                                   (250g-500g): $5.40 (postage fee) + $2.75 = $8.15.
                                                 ---            WHEREAS             ---
                             ParcelPost Prepaid 500g Satchel + Label = $5.50 (the satchel) + $2.75 (Reg Mail Fee) = $8.25
500g Satchel - Pack of 10 ($52.50/pack) (1-9packs) + Label = $5.25 (the satchel) + $2.75 (Reg Mail Fee) = $8.00 (saved 25c)
500g Satchel - Pack of 10 ($49.50/pack) (10+packs) + Label = $4.95 (the satchel) + $2.75 (Reg Mail Fee) = $7.70 (saved 55c)

Conclusion: NOT WORTH IT --> ONLY GOOD IF ITEM IS 250g-500g and You Buy a Pack of 10.

501g - 3kg

                                                                                                   (501g-1kg): $9.75 (postage fee) + $2.75 = $12.50
                                                                                               (1001g-2kg): $10.45 (postage fee) + $2.75 = $13.20
                                                                                               (2001g-3kg): $11.15 (postage fee) + $2.75 = $13.90
                                                 ---            WHEREAS             ---
                    ParcelPost Prepaid 3kg Satchel + Label = $9.60 (the satchel) + $2.75 incl. Registered Fee) = $12.35
3kg Satchel - Pack of 10 ($91.20/pack) (1-9packs) + Label = $9.12 (the satchel) + $2.75 (Reg Mail Fee) = $11.87 (saved 48c)
3kg Satchel - Pack of 10 ($86.40/pack) (10+packs) + Label = $8.64 (the satchel) + $2.75 (Reg Mail Fee) = $11.39 (saved 96c)


Prices for Registered Parcels above 3kg

    (3001g-4kg): $11.85 + $2.75 = $14.60
    (4001g-5kg): $12.55 + $2.75 = $15.30
    (5001g-6kg): $13.25 + $2.75 = $16.00
    (6001g-7kg): $13.95 + $2.75 = $16.70
    (7001g-8kg): $14.65 + $2.75 = $17.40
    (8001g-9kg): $15.35 + $2.75 = $18.10
  (9001g-10kg): $16.05 + $2.75 = $18.80
(10001g-11kg): $16.75 + $2.75 = $19.50
(11001g-12kg): $17.45 + $2.75 = $20.20
(12001g-13kg): $18.15 + $2.75 = $20.90
(13001g-14kg): $18.85 + $2.75 = $21.60
(14001g-15kg): $19.55 + $2.75 = $22.30
(15001g-16kg): $20.25 + $2.75 = $23.00
(16001g-17kg): $20.95 + $2.75 = $23.70
(17001g-18kg): $21.65 + $2.75 = $24.40
(18001g-19kg): $22.35 + $2.75 = $25.10
(19001g-20kg): $23.05 + $2.75 = $25.80 (20kg is the max limit)

Conclusion: It may not be as fast, but it is still cheaper than Courier (500g with a courier is min. $47) and equally stands up in a dispute with your buyer.

Please click 'YES' if you learned anything useful! Doing Math is Tiring! ^_^

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