Protecting Your Clothes from Moths

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Cedar Moth Balls

Keep moths, fleas and silverfish from damaging your favorite wool clothing.

•The cedar absorbs moisture and unpleasant odors, while emitting a fresh, woodsy scent.

•Easy to use-simply scatter in drawers, closets, storage chests, and luggage. Balls can be renewed by sanding lightly every few months.

•Cedar naturally protects against odor and mildew by drawing moisture from its enclosed environment. Mildew, mold, and the odors they can generate can be just as devastating to textiles and leather as insects.

Caring for wool sweaters and household items may be your last concern at this time of year. Protect your wonderful woollens.

What's Bugging You If you see moths flying in your house, they probably aren't clothes moths, but pantry pests -- the type that infests flour and grains. Clothes moths don't like light and are so secretive that you'll probably never see them. What's more, the adult moths won't do any harm. Damage to woolens is actually done by the larvae of two types of insects: clothes moths and carpet beetles. Both insects lay eggs in secluded spots with plenty of food -- wool, fur, down, shed pet dander, and other animal-based materials. Larvae emerge within a few weeks; beetle larvae can feed on fabric for a year or more and moth larvae may cause damage for a couple months. Cleaning Up Moth and beetle larvae shun bright light, so they rarely attack frequently worn clothing or heavily trafficked carpets. They thrive in clothing that is packed away and carpet hidden under furniture, especially if there are food spills or other attractive scents. The best strategy? Keep things clean.

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