Psychic Readings - Fact or Fiction?

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Psychic readings have been around since time immemorial.  Ever since humans inhabited caves and faced ever present dangers, they have sought to bring more control into their lives in the form of presaging future events.  Eventually many schools of established religious thought evolved throughout the age who used rituals to foretell the future.  Many cultures have their own particular brand of acceptable psychic practice, eg Jewish Kabbalah, astrology, paganism and gnosticism where various rites, rituals and magic were performed.  Even Christianity has it's own version of psychic readings in the form of numerous prophecies and dream interpretations which came to pass. Egyptian priests and priestesses worshipped various gods including Ra and Isis.  They used oracles to foretell various events such as weather for the best time to plant grain, outcomes of war plans and even more personal issues such as marriage. 

Many famous people have in one way or another contributed throughout history, to the concept of psychic readings.  Daniel and Joseph in biblical times were well known for dream interpretations and premonitions.  Nostradamus for his chilling accounts of future wars, Leonardo Da Vinci for astrology and his accurate methodical documentation of thousands of psychic readings he performed throughout his lifetime.  Igor Sikosky invented the modern helicopter after a dream he had 50 years earlier about a flying machine with rotating wings.


In the last several hundred years, the term "psychic readings" has become generally known to cover a wide variety of predictive modalities.  These methods evolved, from sometimes strange beginnings such as reading animal entrails and throwing chicken feet into the air.  Gradually schools of advanced thought evolved including i-ching, rune interpretations, astrology and tarot reading to name just a few.  The method employed is just one part of the reading the regardless of whichever method is used, divine intervention and the principle of randomness must occur.  Many readers use established methods and some develop their own.  I have even heard of a man in Sydney who reads from photos of people's buttocks!  Yes, true, he reads from the bumps on the buttocks (this would really make for interesting readings).  Some people read tea leaves, some people read palms.  I know of a lady who blows on a mirror, wipes off her breath and then clairvoyantly sees what is left behind.  It doesn't really matter how it is done, providing the reader goes into an altered state of consciousness where she/he can genuinely connect with spirit.  A good reader can let go of her/his ego and channel or relate the information from spirit which sometimes appears in the form of a guide or angel.  The integrity of the message must not be lost and the message has to be given in a form that the client can understand.  A reader may have to use various methods of getting the point across in an understandable and practical format, whilst simulateously being empathetic and staying connected with spirit.


Successful psychic readings can draw on past, present or future energies.  They will also allay a person's fears, offer comfort and reassurance as well as giving information and options to the client.  Often a client feels better having off loaded and vented difficult issues.  Some readers also offer various healing modalities and there is quite a broad crossover between healing and reading.

Often whilst having a reading with a healer/psychic, there is an exchange of spiritual and emotional energy which allows troubling energies to be released from the client.  Working together for consciousness, the energy is amplified and greater healing can occur for both parties.  A good reader is a messenger of spirit who has the genuine desire to facilitate consciousness and assist the client in a caring and compassionate manner.  A good reader offers a nonjudgmental platform for enlightenment and will result in the client having an "ah ha" experience.  The penny of consciousness will drop inside the client's mind.  He/she will understand what has led to the present situation and how he/she can deal with the issue in future.

Readings are energetic experiences, they are not cast in stone.  At all times, a person has free will, which overrides everything.  A person can choose more clearly what he/she is going to do in any given situation.  A good reader will psychically pick up the energies around the person at the time and what is likely to transpire if that person chooses to continue along their present path.  The client's life is his/her own responsibility and as such he/she can decide to do something else.

A good reading can be fondly remembered for many years, even a lifetime.  Good readings are like street directories to help you negotiate a large city where you haven't been before.  That large city is called "Life"! 

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