Psychic Readings via email

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Are you ready for a Psychic reading?  Do you want one via email?  Face to Face?  Over the phone?  Do you want to make contact with a passed loved one?  Do you know the difference between a Medium and a Psychic?  Is this your first time?  Well lets see if this guide can sort through just what you want and need from your very own reading...........

When deciding it is the right time for you to have a reading there are some things that can make it less daunting and much more rewarding for you.  First, do you wish to contact a loved one whom has passed on?.  If so then you will need to see a Medium.  A medium is one whom has the ability to contact loved ones whom have moved on from this plane.  A medium is a psychic but a psychic is not always a medium so it is important should you wish to make contact you choose a medium/psychic.

Do you like the idea of having a reading via email and keeping the reading as annonymous as possible?  Or would you prefer a face to face sitting so you can see into the eye of your Psychic and they can see into you?  Is a phone reading more comfortable and easy for you as your a busy person with many demands?  All of these are possible avenues for a reading.  Although some psychics can only offer a certain type so first decide which avenue suits you and match that with a Psychic who offers it.

Always ask your chosen psychic before bidding what tools they require you give them before they start a reading.  A good psychic will already have described their tools (if they use them such as cards, pendulums etc) and what is necessary for you to do for them in their terms and descriptions.  Some need a first name, Birthdate, Photo, hand written words.  It all depends on the psychics main communication whether it is Clairsentience (They feel emotions, pain, gut instincts etc), Clairaudient (They hear messages), Clairvoyance (They see using their third eye). 

It is always best not to give them too much information for a number of reasons.  You dont want illegitimate ones profiling you before hand, you dont want to after the reading wonder if they were able to lead you on due to things you asked and said and for some psychics giving them information even if it is small can actually hinder some of the messages they receive. 

Generally I find it is better for my sitters (clients) to not ask any questions at all and then I find that most of the time I will answer their immediate questions during the reading.  I can also get to what is important for them to know instead of moving around information that wont help them in the immediate future.

Before bidding and after reading through the psychics page ask yourself these questions.

1:  Do I like the look of the page?  How does it make me feel?  Nervous?  Excited?  Scared? Overwhelmed?

2: If they have a picture of themselves then ask yourself.   Do they remind me of someone I feel comfortable with?  Do they make me feel uneasy?  Will I be happy to share my energy with this psychic?

3:  How do I feel now that I have all the information?  Scared but ready?  Nervous?  Excited?  Uncomfortable?  Ready to Face my Questions?  Feet First?

If at anytime during your reading you are asked for more money e.g so the psychic can light candles to burn away a bad cloud over your head or you are asked to repeat your business as you need to be cured from a curse then end communication.  This is not a true Psychic, they do not have your best interests at heart.  If you find you are receiving only bad news that is scary and depressing then end the reading.  A reading is about helping you back onto your path, restoring you energy levels, opening up communication, helping you with clearing your mind so that YOU can make your own choices.  A reading is about the good of all.  I have and still will make some sitters cry during a reading. This is not a bad thing it can be an emotional release.  If you find you are crying tears of happiness, longing or grief during a reading because your psychic is passing on confirmation of deceased loved one, then you will know in your heart that it is on the right path.   A genuine psychic really cares about you and will at all times end/pause a reading if this is your desire.  They do not wish to push you past your limits and comfortable zone.  You have the power during a reading to stop at anytime.  The psychic will respect your descision and resume when you are ready

If you are happy and feel it is right, have asked any questions you have then make your commitment.  If you do not feel ready then there is no harm in thinking it over and waiting for a day or two.  The more ready you are, the more comfortable and prepared then the better the reading and the more open you will be to listening and accepting what you read/hear.  It is said that when the time is ready that it will all come together as planned  and you will meet your psychic when it is right for you.

You will make the right descision for yourself when your time is right...Best wishes

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