Pueraria Mirifica - How to maximize breast growth

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Firstly let me state for the record that I have used Ainterol's Pueraria Mirifica product for almost a year now and can say without a doubt this is the absolute best breast enhancement herb available and probably the only one that really works. I went from barely a b-cup to a full c-cup in less then a years time.  Not bad growth for someone who has just turned 41!  Also my skin looks younger and healthier then it has in many many years. Here are some tips that I find help with the growth process from personal experience as well as from feedback from my buyers.

  1. Order the pills AND the cream - the combination works better then either taken alone!
  2. Take the 2 pills daily spaced 12 hours apart with a small glass of whole milk - milk helps the absortion of the active ingredients
  3. Use the Breast Cream or spray 2 to 3 times daily (I used it 2 times daily on my breasts and butt as I wanted a rounder butt also and it worked quite well in both areas as it targets estrogen receptors which can be found in both breast and butt).
  4. Avoid caffeine (I kinda cheated here but it is recommended to avoid it)
  5. Important - avoid other phytoestrogens such as soy, red cover, black cohosh, etc.. - they will only weaken the effect.
  6. When you use the cream make sure you massage it in for at least 5 minutes - this will help stimulate ducting tissue in the breast which helps with growth and firmness - this is a very important step to get results in my opinion as I have had customers who were not growing add massage into the regimin and immediately they started seeing results. Massage, massage, massage.
  7. Personal note - I like the cream better then the spray as it makes massaging easier to perform then the spray and I didn't like the smell of the spray - the cream is odorless.
  8. Only side effect I experienced was temporary - first 3 months my period was not quite right as it lasted a little longer and some spotting - but that corrected completely by the fourth month.
  9. Shop for bigger bra's!! (maybe I should start selling those lol)
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