Puma Shoes Euro Size Conversion Chart Shoe Metro

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Mens, Womens, Youth, shoe size conversion chart for Puma Shoes.

If you're a women and in the market for Puma shoes you must know that women could fit into youth shoes if your shoe size is in the range of womens size 4 - 9. Puma's style is unisex so use the chart below to broaden your search (by Shoe Metro).

You could save money by purchasing shoes in youth sizes because kids shoes are lower priced than adults. If the hard to find shoe you are looking for isn't available in womens sizes you could search under childrens shoes. Also, women have the advantage of searching under mens shoe sizes if your shoe size is womens 7.5 - 11. Unfortunately mens shoes are priced about 10% higher than womens so expect to pay more if your hard to find shoe comes in a mens size.

Here's the size conversion chart:

US Sizes

Youth              2.5       3         3.5      4        4.5        5         5.5         6         6.5         7         7.5    
Womens            4        4.5        5       5.5        6         6.5         7       7.5         8         8.5         9         9.5       10       10.5       11
Mens                                                                                                 6         6.5         7         7.5         8         8.5         9         9.5

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