Purchase a quality ring. It may look rea! Get it tested

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If you have paid less than $75 for a featured listed 10k or 10kt diamond and gem ring we advise strongly reading the following

It has come to our attention that there are quite a few eBay sellers claiming that their 10KT rings are genuine solid gold . We would advise extreme caution when purchasing many of these items.

They have 10k hallmarking, however, many are not as they claim to be. We purchased a few of these purported 10KT solid gold rings and had them tested.

You guessed it, FAKE.

Gold Plated at best and the diamonds and gems are glass.

Most , if not all, originate from China where almost anything goes. Quite a few Respected Australian Jewellers are stating that their 10KT rings are Genuine.

We advise strongly that you take these to your local rusted Jeweller for authenticity.

We do not advise not bidding and winning them as they may be genuine and we all love a bargain.

Here is a copy of an email we received from an eBayer who wanted to sell us 10KT gold rings name and paypal address of the supplier has been deleted for legal reasons. We have left our names in!



Dean and Jen Tanis
thank you for your reply,we are a company,we have so many rings,according to you this letter,I and my boss have a consider,we can agree with you,AU$10 including shipping insurance to Vic, but my boss let me tell you that all our rings is 10KT,Although many buyer very like them and it is very beautiful,but we can not confirm you like it,and it is plate gold,not real gold.you want buy so many rings,I wish you can satisfy this business,you and us shoud honest do it ,so we tell you this fact,if you can accept this,I would like do this business with you every month.and then I wish you can tell me the how many rings for each item number(design),if you and me success do the first business of us,I am very happy do more business with you,include other jewellery,do you understand I wish this business will good for you and me,

here is my paypal address deleted (had to take out address here)

when I receive your payment,I will send them to you as soon as possible.

waiting for your reply!thank you very much,hapy new year!


At least this seller was being honest in their email to us. However this seller and many others still use eBay as their market place and make statements in their listings that their rings are GENUINE Solid gold, Real Gold, Not Gold Plated.

Other sellers are using this same practice also. Offering a money back guarantee is great, but this is only to save their eBay account. Many will insist that if you leave negative feedback they will be unable (unwilling?) to give your money back.

Once again, we strongly advise you have them independently tested at your local jeweller to see if they are in fact real gold and not plated.

Best of luck eBaying.

Jen and Dean Tanis


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