Purchasing Art for a reasonable price

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Hello, have you realised that the world of ebay is not just getting products for that rock bottom price. That you can if you look, find beautiful hand made crafts at a very cheap and reasonable price, that would cost vastly more from speacilist shops or galleries.

You can buy genuine pieces of art at a lower cost than a print. How fantastic that you can have a genuine piece of art on your wall and be a talking point. Rather than owning some mass produced print that is likely to be displayed in many, many homes.

When choosing a piece, you should always decide if YOU like it, after all the most important decision is yours, you have to like it otherwise it will bring no enjoyment to your home.

Look at the rating of the seller if it is about 97.9 -100 i would say they have a pretty good record of providing a good service. And always read feedback just to make sure that they are a good ebayer.

Check the item description, wether it is framed or unframed, and that this can affect the shipping cost. Genuinely unframed will be alot cheaper. dont be affraid to email the seller and ask how it will be packed, and will it have a protective covering and protected by cardboard to prevent bending and damage.Paintings delivered in hard tubes will genuinely be a little more costly, but give the added benefit of being that much better protected.

Check the returns policy, even if it is unclear or they say no, email them you may be pleasantly surprised and see they may offer refunds.

So finally have fun looking and you never know, you may even be grabbing a financial investment for the future, from some upcoming artist.so happy ebaying and good luck.


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