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Ralph Lauren tags - Published by qisincanada

I am re-posting a really good article written by qusincanada as I think its a really helpful article on spotting a fake.  

They write:
I am writing this guide to help fellow ebay'ers detect counterfeit Ralph Lauren Polo's.  At the time of writing this guide, I feel that the methods I describe are accurate. However with the increase demand for fake goods, counterfeiters have more money to spend on better technologies leading them to produce better quality products.

This is not an official guide.

I am sharing with you what I look for when buying items on eBay and do not take responsibility on how you use this guide.

This is a three part guide.. Ebay only allows 10 pictures per guide so I had to split it up.

So lets get started:

1) Check material quality.

I know this might be difficult without actually touching the garment, but here are a few pointers to quickly tell if the fabric is of poor quality:

Weave (pattern)

Mesh or screenlike effect

Consistency of weave

Pattern of the weave is consistent throughout garment


Consistent pattern of threading and size of threading
Stitching is in a straight line
Thread quality (loose or tight)

Pattern consistency (esp on sleeves and collars)
Material - Should be 100% cotton

Cotten colors fade over time, so if the shirt is used this is not a bad sign.

Pay close attention throughout the guide for examples of good fabric and poor fabric examples.

2) Tags

I have seen examples of fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts with really good tags and others with poor tags. Many poor quality tags have the lettering printed on, better quality tags use threads like the real ones. So how do you tell?

 I check the color of the threads and the font used.

For font pay close attention to the pictures
Real threads are a white with a silver tint
Fake white or white/grayish

Many fake polo tags write too close to the edge of the tags.

 There should be at least a 1/4" of buffer space between the edge of the tag and where the writing starts. 

The tread used to attach the tag should closely match the color of the shirt on real polo's.
Real Polo use threads to make the lettering
Size tag on real polo's are usually on the right of the tag (where the writing ends) or the centre. Rarely are they on the left (just before the writing starts). (see pictures)

The images below compare a really good quality fake tag with a real Ralph Lauren tag:

Black- Fake
Sky Blue - Real
Really good fake tag.

Font is a bit off,
Size tag location questionable.
Spacing good.
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