Purchasing/Selling DyeSublimation Ink within Australia

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There are two types of Dye Sublimation Ink, Licensed and Unlicensed. 

Selling unlicensed dye sublimation ink within Australia is illegal.

How does one know the difference?

The price, the brand, really cheap dye sublimation ink is more than likely unlicensed. Printing with unlicensed ink for more than a few hours can and will permanently damage the print heads. Unlicensed ink is also heavily watered down resulting in dull, poor colour quality and tends not to stick to the paper as well resulting in longer drying times.

Sure, it may be cheap now and you think your saving money, but soon you will be replacing your printer because you have permanently damaged your printer heads. You will also need to replace your cartridges/CISS System as well, as these are filled with the ink that damaged your printer in the first place. You will also probably have to replace the paper you print on as well. This all adds up, practically replacing your entire set up and what happens when the supplier your purchasing the cheap ink from is no longer available? Chances are they will be gone within the first 6 - 12 months and you will be back to square one. Replacing everything all over again because you cant use the equipment you have with the old ink. Is it really worth all that? That is of course your choice to make.

When purchasing or selling dye sublimation ink, make sure it is licensed ink that does not infringe on patented intellectual property. A leading supplier of licensed dye sublimation ink has more than 35 patents in the U.S and 25 International patents.

Which is more than likely the reason as to why you don't see any cheap dye sublimation ink selling here on eBay. (Although a few have popped up here and there lately and as was stated, they dont last long) Its not because no one has thought of it, it is because you will more than likely be infringing on one of these patents and because the ink is not licensed. Which makes it illegal to be selling in Australia.

Dye Sublimation ink in Australia must be licensed in order to sell it.

Licensed dye sublimation ink gives bright, rich, vibrant and detailed colour to your images that is transfered to mugs, jigsaw puzzles, shirts, mouse pads ect... You can really see the difference. It wont damage your printer heads, giving your printer a longer life span. It also gives you quicker pressing times and drying times.

When you rely on cheap supplies and you find they are no longer available, ( as is what has happened here on eBay) what are you going to do then? It results back to having to replace everything and all that will cost you extra $$$$.

Purchasing "Blanks & Heat Presses" here on ebay is great if you can grab yourself a bargain, but cheap ink! Thats a different matter. Thats what this guide is about, purchasing cheap unlicensed ink.

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