Purchasing experience in AU ebay of an oversea student

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I am an oversea student from China. I am love with video games. But at the beginning period in Sydney I had no idea where I can buy video games. I found Ebay by chance and registered in 08-Sep-05. I had made more than fifty deals since then and enjoyed a wonderful purchasing experience. If you have enough patient, you even might found brand new game in Ebay with 50% off of current market price. Moreover you can find some old and rear game that you cannot find in nowadays market. I will present my purchasing experiences below:

1. If you won a bid, the final fee you need to pay is not only the price you offered in bidding process, you must take postage costs and postage insurance into consideration. Some sellers offered a pretty low Buy It Now price but a much higher postage costs than normal situation. In some cases postage insurance are optional, and in some cases it is required – it depends on seller.
2. The sellers with numerous deal records and more than 99% positive feedback would always be your first choice. To keep the perfect feedback record is more important for them than limited benefit from cheat. Just set your heart at rest when you deal with a good seller.
3. Take more attention in item description. I will take TV video games as example. Some games are NTSC format – usually come from US and Japan -- and cannot work in Australia Pal format system. But no same problem in portable game system. And seller will always mentioned the disc situation. If the condition is Brand New or New In Box or As New, which means the disc situation is perfect. If the game is a pre-own one, seller will always mentioned the scratch condition. Even noting left, you still can send message to seller and ask him/her. Remember be polite when communication.
4. Realize the Payment methods accepted by seller. As I know, most Chinese students haven’t credit card. When Paypal begins accept bank account as funds, it becomes a suitable choice. Some sellers only accept Paypal but some do not accept Paypal.
5. Be serious to your every bid and every deal. Taking responsibility to your every action in Ebay. When you won a bidding, pay to seller as soon as possible. It is not necessary but if you do so, seller will appreciate and send you the item as quickly when the payment is clear. Save seller’s time also means save your time.
6. Some sellers leave feedback to you after get the payment; some sellers ought to leave feedback after him/her get feedback from you. It doesn’t matter.

Hope everyone can find favorite item and has a pleasure deal in Ebay.


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