Purchasing, paying and completing checkout for items.

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My tips for paying for your item!

Once your item has been won, follow the sellers’ instructions on purchasing your item.

It's always good to remember to click on the link to complete checkout, that way the seller knows that you are aware that you have won the item you have bid on, and also lets the seller know, how you intend to pay for your item.

If you intend on purchasing more than one item, let the seller know, then complete checkout after the last item has been won.  That way if the seller has a discounted postage rate, it will be easier on both seller and buyer to work out what the postal rate will be.

Most sellers prefer when a buyer pays that your user id is included with payment. 

A lot of times, sellers sell similar, if not the same priced item, and if a buyer does not include an id description, there is no way of knowing who has paid for their item. If paying by internet banking add your id as the description, if paying by money order, write all your details on the money order, or include a separate piece of paper with all your details.  If going into a branch, ask the teller to put a description with your payment, if the bank can't do that for you, send the seller an email, stating that payment has been made, date and branch where payment was made.

Always keep the seller informed!

If for any reason, there is a delay in sending your money, please please, please, keep in contact with the seller. 

Unfortunately we are not mind readers, and when payment has not been received promptly, have to assume that payment will not be received.  If we have had confirmation that you will be paying, but it may be a little late (if possible give an estimated date when you are intending to pay, then let the seller know when payment has been paid) then most sellers will hold your item for you.

If when you receive your item and it is not what you were expecting, or does not work as expected etc. Let the seller know. Only after you have exhausted all avenues to getting your item replaced or a refund, should you leave negative feedback.  Don't just receive your item and leave negative feedback, see if you can come to a resolution with the seller first!!

Once your item has been received and you are happy with it, leave positive feedback for the seller.

Other than the fact that everyone loves a pat on the back for a job well done, eBay encourages you to leave feedback so that other people know what kind of a seller, or buyer you are.

And most of all have fun with your purchase!!!

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