Q: What Canon Lenses Will Work With My EOS DSLR Camera?

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Here is my answer to this member's question:

A:    Dear eBay Member,

That is the easiest request to fulfill ever! The answer is:

Every Canon EF series lens is 100% compatible with your EOS Digital Camera! It makes no difference how old they are (all the way back to 1987). There are also several "special purpose" lenses that will fit too, but if you actually need those highly specialized lenses (TS-E "Tilt-Shift" or MP-E "Macro Photography") you would already know about them.

Just be sure to take into account the effect that the 1.6X "Crop Factor" of your Digital camera will have on the apparent "Field Of View" of the lens.

Just remember, If the lens's model number has the "EF", "EF-S", MP-E" or "TS-E" prefix, it will fit your camera body perfectly.

Best wishes,


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