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HI every buyer .

Firstly : i will say you are reading right information in here and you will know lot of ideal how to chice right product with good quality 3 in 1 mop cleaner steamer RIGHT HERE.

Secondly: in this day as you had reserched lot of selllers are selling the same 3 in 1 steam mop cleaner but as i had observation and tested they are just the price competition there and quality you need to think of WHY THEY ARE CHEAP?, i know you will ask me why? as you know how you can buy this kind great product does lot of jobs with 11 accesories just in that price plus including the postage, you need to think yourself, but i will tell you the product materials used and microfiber been used are cheap quality that's mean the clean result are far away from the high quality material been used to the machine.

This kind mop used material is plastic but this kind plastic are different between eachother from high quality is  ABS PP of plastic to cheap plastic of course high quality are expensive cheap plastic is cheap so this is determined the final finish cost. and other important is the microfiber also has different quality material the good quality microfiber are thicker and when you rubbing on hand you will feel electric feeling and you can get clean done properly to the standard result but of course cheap microfiber are life short and thin it easy to broken as well as poor clean result.

Thridly: The machine we are selling are new designed with elegant outlook with high material been used CALLED: ABS PP material that's mean this machine duration  and the machine itself are firm, solid it can done the job properly to the benchmark result and also the microfiber we supply is high quality material been used, the microfiber pad is most important part for this machine if you can't get good quality microfiber you will get poor clean result and how you can find it so that's why im here to tell all of you . why i know asnwe are professional trade person to do this kind business for very long time and we are very close to the manufacturer and we know what's the real things is there why the price different between same product and what's the right things we can do here to help buyer to buy right product , good quality with affordable price. one more things i want mention here is not price high that mean is more better every single product they has market benchmark of the standard price.

looking no further here is place you rest insured and trusted and we give 6 months warranty no one offered but our company can do this due to quality we offfered. come to visit our store and you will see the live listing, do not wait this machine goes very fast and we had stock at moment take action now . We are importer and we do supplied to many buyer for bulk order all the time and we just posted this machine by our self into the Ebay and let other buyer have chance to buy as well.

so now is your choice take you right action now......

thanks for read my message.


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