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Quilting is such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Here are some helpful hints for purchasing fabrics on EBay

  1. Ensure you buy from a respected Seller, check their feedback and comments on quality of the items they sell and speed of postage. Carefully read through all information provided by the Seller in the listing. A good seller will outline details of the item being sold, clear photos, all postage and any packaging costs, and information on how to proceed with the sale once finished.

  2. With so many pieces of fabric being sold, it is important that you purchase quality items and not cheap imitations. Be sure to check the fabrics are quilt shop quality and 100% cotton and remember you get what you pay for! If you want the best, buy from Sellers who specialise in quilting fabrics and who know what they are selling.Don't be put off by using "Buy It Nows" in Ebay Stores. Experienced Sellers list many items this way so you don't have to wait for auctions to end and you can secure the item that is right for you. It is also very relaxing browsing through gorgeous fabric selections without the fear of losing that piece you want at an auction.

  3. When searching for items, be sure to check out the top Ebay stores listed on the left hand side of any auction page. The top seller has the most items available at any given time and therefore the most experience in that product. Check out any special offers the seller may offer.

  4. Check to see if sellers will give discounts or "combined" shipping for multiple actions purchased.Good sellers will display this in their listing, but if buying multiple items, you may need to make one payment so wait for the seller's instruction.

  5. Ask questions, communication is the key to a happy and successful transaction. A key to a good seller is the response you receive when asking any questions - this will tell you if the seller is sympathetic and experienced.Also keep in mind that we are all human and that mistakes can occur, so contact your seller first to try and work out any situation that may arise.An educated seller will be more than happy to help with any related questions you may have and even may help put together something just for you.

  6. Enjoy your buying experience and the EBay process and receiving your stash. Ebay is such a great way to find fabrics which are delivered to your door.

We thank you for your time and hope you have found these hints helpful , you can view our store by clicking this link My EBay Store

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