Quality LED lights, globes, bulbs and Downlights

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Searching the internet and eBay you will quickly find that there are many variables in the LED light globe market. Many of the globes are relatively inexpensive, however you may find that these LED globes consist of questionable materials, dubious craftmanship and have no warranties.

Good quality LEDS are more expensive than these cheap ones because they use high quality chips with prices firmly set by reputable manufacturers. This means that although they may be more expensive, they are far superior, last longer and come with sound warranties. LED light globes that use top quality chips will last much longer than the novelty ones that many are selling today.

A good place to start is to use reputable LED vendors who offer a 100% satisfaction guareentee with a good warranty and not a seller who has numerous products and gadgets and also sells limted types of cheap LEDS with no warranties. Remember you get what you pay for.

Watch out for the Aussie flag gimmick. Althoug certain sellers may display an Austrailian flad or map of Australia it does not mean they are an Australian company or based in Australia. It may be a marketing gimmick. Check out their "About Me " page for a profile.

This link will take you directly to a genuine Australian eBay LED specialist seller.  Eco Bright Star Store
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